United States  More than 20 people have died in devastating floods in Tennessee, USA

United States More than 20 people have died in devastating floods in Tennessee, USA

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United States  More than 20 people have died in devastating floods in Tennessee, USA

Floods have swept roads and bridges, leaving thousands without electricity.

The United States In Tennessee, at least 21 people have died in devastating floods. The US news channel, among others, reports on the matter CNN and operating in the state capital, Nashville Tennessean-magazine.

The deaths were reported by local rescue authorities on Sunday. According to CNN, about 20 people are said to be still missing.

The state of Tennessee was ravaged on Saturday by storms and floods that meteorologists have described as historic, according to news agency AFP. A total of at least 38 centimeters of water rained on the state at one time.

Floods have swept away roads, highways and bridges. In addition, thousands of people have been deprived of electricity.

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Flooding the sheriff of Humphreys County, who was very poetic Chris Davis told Tennessean that the floods are the worst he has seen in his 28-year career at the local sheriff’s office. According to CNN, Davis has also said that one of his best friends drowned in a recent flood.

Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee at a news conference in Nashville on Sunday night, described the flood-torn city of Waverley as having entire houses from its foundations.

Nearly all of the deaths caused by the floods were recorded in Waverly. According to the governor, the events paint a terrible picture of loss and heartache.

A state national map has also been sent to help areas badly flooded, in addition to which numerous other state agencies have rushed to help.

According to CNN, the National Guard said on Saturday it sent about 50 Guardsmen for flood relief. In addition, the guard sent, among other things, a Blackhawk helicopter to help with the water rescue.

The United States president Joe Biden on Sunday promised help to states devastated by extreme weather events, including Tennessee.

Over the weekend, the United States was also ravaged by tropical storm Henri, which, among other things, brought record rains to New York, even though the center of the storm toured the area. The storm that hit the shores of Rhode Island in the northeast corner of the country has caused floods and extensive power outages, as well as flight cancellations.