United states: the “shutdown” has increased unemployment to 4% in January

États-Unis: le «shutdown» a fait monter le chômage à 4% en janvier

Photo: Julio Cortez, Archives Associated Press
The american labour market has remained very dynamic with 304 000 job creations, a summit for a year.

The unemployment rate in the United States rose slightly in January because of the shutdown, which, however, has not affected the hiring, very many, according to figures from the department of Labor published on Friday.

The unemployment rate has advanced to a tenth of a percentage point to 4 % last month, the highest since seven months, particularly because of unemployment forced thousands of civil servants during the impasse on the budget, specified by the ministry.

The labour market has remained very dynamic with 304 000 job creations, a summit for a year.

This is well above the forecasts of analysts who were counting on 160 000 hirings and the unemployment rate remained stable at 3.9 %.

The department has sharply revised down job creation in December, which amounted to 220 000 instead of 312 000 announced.

On average over the last three months, the u.s. economy has created 241 000 jobs monthly.

The partial closure of the administration, which lasted 35 days, did not affect the survey conducted among the companies that made the account of the hires.

Federal officials are still counted as employees, even if they have not worked or have worked without being paid.

“It is likely that some industries in the private sector were impacted by the shutdown, but we are not able to quantify this impact,” wrote the ministry.

In contrast, in the investigation on the rate of unemployment and a survey of households, the number of “references” temporary increased 175,000 last month and contributed to a rise in the unemployment rate to 4 % for the first time since June.

The number of unemployed has swelled to 241 000, to over 6.5 million. “The impact of the partial closure of the administration has contributed to the rise of these figures,” acknowledged the ministry.

Another consequence of the paralysis of administrative, part-time jobs have jumped to half a million, to $ 5.1 million, the highest since September 2017.

“All of these jobs occurred in the private sector and probably reflect the impact of the shutdown “, admits the department of Labor so that employees without work were forced to seek temporary jobs.

The rank of the good news, the rate of participation in the labour market has improved further to reach 63,2 %, its highest level since September 2013. This usually reflects a confidence in the economy, as more people are employed or are seeking work.

This is the sector of the leisure and hospitality industry who has the most hired (74 000), followed by the building (52 000) and the health sector (42 000).

In total, the service sector, by far the largest employer, has created 224 000 jobs while the goods-producing sector has created 72 000, which is still the best performance since 11 months.

Some 13 000 new hires have occurred in the manufacturing sector.

The average hourly wage has increased a little, advancing only 0.1 % (3 cents), while analysts were projecting up 0.2 %, after rising more substantial in December (10 cents).


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