University, Consulcesi: “Every year 3% aspiring doctors excluded for oversights”

University, Consulcesi: “Every year 3% aspiring doctors excluded for oversights”

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University, Consulcesi: “Every year 3% aspiring doctors excluded for oversights”

On September 3, thousands of aspiring doctors will participate in the entrance tests to the Faculty of Medicine. “After months and months spent studying books, it would be a real shame to miss the opportunity for procedural forgetfulness during the trial.” Consulcesi, the legal network with twenty years of experience alongside aspiring doctors. “Yet, it happens, that about 3% of students annually see the test canceled due to errors or inaccuracies in the delivery of documents or in the execution of the procedures“, they specify.

So, here are the things to remember and the news to keep an eye on so as not to take risks. “The first novelty of the Medicine 2021 test is the Green pass: it is essential to have it to access the test. From 6 August, in fact, to access public competitions it is necessary to have them – highlights Consulcesi – The certification will be checked with the appropriate app and must be shown before entering the classroom. We remind you that to obtain the Green pass you must be vaccinated against Covid-19 with 1 or 2 doses, or have been cured of the virus for less than 6 months or have carried out an antigenic or molecular swab in the 48 antecedents “.

“Another new document to take with you on the day of the test – remembers Consulcesi – is theCovid self-declaration. It can be found on the Universitaly website loaded by Miur: it must be printed, filled in and delivered on the day of the test, under penalty of exclusion from the test. The document certifies that you are familiar with the anti-Covid regulations, that you are not in quarantine and that you have no symptoms of the disease, that you have not had close contact with a sick person and that you are a holder of a green pass “. Another thing to keep in mind. in mind it is there‘obligation to wear the FFP2 type mask. “Attention, as specified in point 6 of the ministerial document, it is not possible to make an exception, under penalty of exclusion. In addition, unless a medical certification prescribes it, you will not be able to eat during the test, but only drink with drinks supplied or provided by the University “, warns Consulcesi.

Finally, “to avoid being excluded from the test, it is important – remarks Consulcesi – pay attention to the following procedures: put down your telephone, calculator and all calculation devices; do not write anything, do not sign and do not make identification marks on the answer form; make sure that the alphanumeric codes on the labels correspond. Each candidate must choose a pair of identical adhesive labels at the end of the test and affix one of the two labels on the personal data sheet and the other on the answer form; report the shortcomings in the package “.

“It is good to remember – the experts add – that the stewards have the right to cancel the test if they notice suspicious movements or attitudes. It may happen that the official test documents have missing sheets, this can compromise the test, if you do not report it to the commission in time. Each package must contain: 1) a form for personal data that the candidate must compile, without any identification code; 2) the questions relating to the admission test bearing the identification code of the package as well as 2 sheets dedicated to the draft; 3) a reply form with the same identification code as the package; 4) a sheet on which are affixed the identification code of the package as well as the indication of the university and the degree course to which the test refers “.

“It is important to underline that if the test were to be canceled, all is not lost – specifies the president of Consulcesi, Massimo Tortorella – There may still be hope of enforcing your right and through our counter our specialized legal advisors will suggest the best actions to take. This applies to all the irregularities that will be found during a trial that we continue to consider inadequate to select future doctors because it does not guarantee meritocracy and regularity “.

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