Unrequited love can cause dangerous diseases

Несчастная любовь может стать причиной опасной болезни

A broken heart is not only the lyrics about unrequited love. It is also a very strong stress that the organism experiences. Takotsubo syndrome, or broken heart syndrome, can even cause the development of cancer.

This opinion is confirmed by the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Scientists explain that severe stress can cause a sharp “wave-like” dysfunction of the left ventricle. Such feelings, we usually describe by the expression “pain in chest”. This, in turn, can lead to sudden heart failure. When patients in this condition did electrocardiography (ECG), the results were similar to those that have people who have suffered a myocardial infarction.

Несчастная любовь может стать причиной опасной болезни

By the way, the broken heart syndrome is not only unhappy about the relationship. It’s basically about a strong emotion, with which man cannot cope. For example, the death of a loved one. Although this may be the wave of positive emotions that covered his head. A similar situation we describe with the words “tears of joy”. But in fact it is a real stress.

Of course, we need time to eliminate emotions, to analyze the circumstances and move on. And that’s fine. The main thing – not to stay in a state of internal instability for long. Because when the emotional state of depression, of apathy, depression lasts for months and months, the body begins to destroy itself.

According to studies, every sixth with broken heart syndrome suffers from cancer. The chain is as follows: a powerful stress – heart failure – the emergence of malignant tumors. The causal relationships between the second and third links scientists are still studying.

Scientists recommend to take a medical examination after experienced shocks.

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