Unvaccinated EU citizens face risk of job loss

Unvaccinated EU citizens face risk of job loss

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Unvaccinated EU citizens face risk of job loss

Many anti-vaccines in Europe face pressure from employers. For example, in Italy, doctors who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus are already being suspended from duty.

In Austria, unvaccinated actors are being deprived of roles, while in Germany such requirements are imposed on workers in the social protection sector.

As Izvestia was told by the German Union of Trade Unions, discrimination on the basis of vaccination status is unacceptable. According to the laws of the country, discrimination is prohibited not only against employees who exercise their rights in an acceptable way (for example, get vaccinated), but also those who do not want to exercise their right to vaccination.

However, virologists interviewed by Izvestia are confident that the pandemic simply leaves employers no choice.

“Vaccination is not only a personal protection measure, but also a public health measure. Refusal to vaccinate in the absence of specific medical reasons established by a competent medical worker puts at risk not only the citizen himself, but also those who come into contact with him, “- said in an interview with Izvestia, the director of the Italian Institute of Molecular Genetics (IGM) and the head of the department Virology by Giovanni Maga.

The expert considers it correct to make mandatory vaccination for all those workers who are in frequent contact with people who are at risk of becoming infected with serious consequences.

In turn, the epidemiologist of the Institute of Pharmacological Research named after Mario Negri Antonio Klavenna stressed that doctors have a moral duty to protect their patients, in this case, in his opinion, mandatory vaccination is reasonable and acceptable.

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