US left Bagram without notifying Afghan airbase commander

US left Bagram without notifying Afghan airbase commander

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US left Bagram without notifying Afghan airbase commander

The United States military left Afghanistan’s largest air base, Bagram, at night without notifying the new Afghan commander of the military facility. He discovered the departure of the Americans more than two hours after their departure. Reported on Monday, July 5, the agency Associated Press citing the Afghan military.

“Yes, the rumor that the Americans left Bagram really passed, and by 7.00 am we found that this fact was confirmed, and they really left the airbase,” said the new commander of the facility, General Mir Asadullah Kohistani.

According to one of the military, 20 minutes after the departure of the Americans, the electricity was turned off and the base was plunged into darkness. This attracted robbers who invaded the base and ransacked the buildings.

On Monday, three days after the US military left, Afghan soldiers were still picking up piles of rubbish, including empty water bottles and jars left behind by robbers.

The Bagram base is located north of Kabul. Used by Soviet troops during the 1979-1989 Afghan war. After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, it became the main base of American forces.

The Americans began to withdraw their contingent in May. As stated by US President Joe Biden, US forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.

However, on July 2, the newspaper The wall street journal citing sources, she said that the US government is rapidly developing an emergency evacuation plan for employees of the United States embassies located in Kabul, as well as Americans living in the same territories. The reasons for the rush, as the sources of the publication explained, were Washington’s fears of aggression by the Taliban movement banned in Russia.

At the same time, Biden said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan would not be completed in the next few days. According to him, part of the US military will remain in the country.