US reward of 4 million dollars for the arrest of former bin Laden chef

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US reward of 4 million dollars for the arrest of former bin Laden chef

The program said in a tweet on its official account on the “Twitter” website: “Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al-Qawsi is a prominent leader in Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and a wanted terrorist.”

He added, “This terrorist left his country, Sudan, to receive orders from the leadership of Al-Qaeda in Iran to wreak havoc in Yemen and its people. This terrorist was reported by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.”“.

The program set a special number to communicate with it through the “WhatsApp” and “Telegram” applications, to provide any information that leads to al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen.

Bin Laden’s chef

Ibrahim al-Qawsi, also known as Sheikh Khubayb al-Sudani and Muhammad Salah Ahmad, is a leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Yemen.

Al-Qawsi was born in Sudan and has appeared in videos for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, where he has encouraged lonely attacks against the United States in online recruitment materials, according to Rewards for Justice.

According to the Sudanese News Agency, al-Qawsi had been working as a chef for Osama bin Laden, since he joined al-Qaeda in the 1990s, before becoming responsible for logistics.

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