Using a cell phone while charging damages the battery: myth or reality?

Using a cell phone while charging damages the battery: myth or reality?

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Using a cell phone while charging damages the battery: myth or reality?

The cell phone batteries they work very well in the beginning but with the passage of time its performance decreases, it loses efficiency and duration. To extend the life of the batteries as much as possible several tricks can be used, although there are also many myths about it.

One of the most widespread theories for not damaging the useful life of batteries is do not use the cell phone while charging, as well as leaving it connected at night. That’s right? Everything seems to indicate that no.

A while ago it could be possible that using the phone while charging was harmful but in the middle of 2021, batteries, like phones, advanced a lot. Therefore, what was a reality was mutating into myth little by little.

Therefore, the most fearful users can use their mobile phones without any problem while charging. The only downside is thatyour mobility will be reduced to the length of the charging cable, which is usually not too long. Although to haggle this small inconvenience there are a multitude of portable chargers.

Battery life, one of the recurring problems for cell phone users. (Photo: Motorola)

Although it is proven that batteries do not break down for this reason, manufacturers do They recommend that during the first ten minutes of charging, more or less, the mobile is left alone.

Tips to extend battery life

Also, experts recommend performing a zero to 100 percent charge (ie, a “charge cycle”) at least once a month to somewhat recalibrate the lithium battery and extend its life.

To maintain good battery performance, certain conditions must be met:

  • Always keep the battery between 20 and 80% charged.
  • Use the original charger that comes with the mobile.
  • Do not expose the mobile to high temperatures.
  • Do not leave the mobile charging for too long.

Another myth: charging your cell phone overnight

Most modern phones are “smart” enough to stop charging when they have reached their maximum capacity, so there is no great risk in letting the cell phone charge overnight.

In many cases, the batteries simply turn off the incoming flow when they detect that they are already 100% charged.

Using a cell phone while charging damages the battery: myth or reality?

Despite what is believed, charging the cell phone at night does not damage the state of the battery. Photo: Shutterstock

Only if that charge is reduced will the battery charge be activated again, but it will do so in small intervals that allow, for example, that when lifting the phone it is at 100 percent, but also without it being hot as it could happen when taking it when it reaches that performance level.

However, some experts do recommend removing the phone from its case if it is charging for a long time, as it could cause excessive heating and unnecessary damage to the operation of lithium-ion batteries.