Vaccination obligation, Ema: “Decision is up to states”

Vaccination obligation, Ema: “Decision is up to states”

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Vaccination obligation, Ema: “Decision is up to states”

The decision on the vaccination obligation is up to the individual states. This was explained by the Ema drug agency at Adnkronos Salute, regarding the statements of the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who in recent days spoke of the possibility of introducing the obligation to have a vaccine against covid-19. “The decision on how to administer” anti-Covid “vaccinations is the prerogative of the institutions that lead the vaccination campaign in each EU member state, taking into account factors such as local epidemiological conditions, the spread of the virus, the availability of vaccines and the capabilities of the national health system “, explained the EMA.

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Not everyone agrees on the possibility of the vaccine becoming mandatory, both among experts and in the government itself. If for the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri “must remain the last resort”, Health Minister Roberto Speranza “we must grow even more with vaccinations” against Covid-19 “and there is an ongoing discussion that will also take place in the next few days and that will probably lead us to decisions that will allow us to further strengthen our campaign. I am thinking of the extension of the Green pass, as already announced by Prime Minister Draghi, and of further hypotheses that have been debated and that may allow us, if needed, to further strengthen our campaign “.

On the “vaccination obligation tout court for the entire Italian population we do not and will never agree”, reiterated the leader of the League Matteo Salvini for whom “we must go ahead with the information campaign, put the elderly in safety, we must continue to maintain common sense and balance. I don’t think there is a need to intervene with further constraints or limitations. The Italians are responding with extreme common sense and intelligence, I do not think further limits are needed if the vaccines work as I believe and hope. I’ll do the second dose shortly, we should have a quiet autumn ”.

“Convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated against Covid, because the next few weeks will be critical”. Massimo Galli, professor of Infectious Diseases at the State University and primary at the Sacco of Milan, reiterated this while discussing the Green pass in the workplace, vaccination obligation and third dose. Precisely about the vaccination obligation Galli has no doubts: “It is a tool that must be applied, but it takes time that I hope will be short. In the meantime, we must do everything we can to get the widest possible vaccination coverage immediately, because the next few weeks will be critical and that is where much of this autumn battle is played out. ”

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