Vaccination obligation, Rasi: “Government can do it, act step by step”

Vaccination obligation, Rasi: “Government can do it, act step by step”

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Vaccination obligation, Rasi: “Government can do it, act step by step”

“If the Italian government wanted to put the vaccination obligation” against Covid-19 “for everyone, it could do so, as it did for some categories, without any limitation deriving from the type of authorizations granted by the EMA”. He explains it in an interview on ‘La Stampa’ Guido Rasi, former executive director of the European Medicines Agency, full professor of Microbiology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and consultant to General Figliuolo for the vaccination campaign, also shedding light on the confusion regarding the authorizations for vaccines born after the final ok of the American FDA. “The Americans – he remembers – have an emergency authorization, to be validated at a later time. The EMA’s yes, on the other hand, is immediately full, which is why it has been more meditated on, even if it remains conditioned to a series of studies. to be implemented until 2023 under penalty of revision of the authorization “.

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With regard to the opening of Prime Minister Mario Draghi to compulsory vaccination, after the extension of the Green pass “my interpretation – observes Rasi – is that we are all aware that we must act step by step. necessity, for example by extending the Green pass to the police and to the categories with the greatest contact with the public. To get to cover “100% in the categories that prove to be more exposed. Everything must be based on scientific evidence, in order not to create tears and oppositions”.

The half of 80% of vaccinated with two doses at the end of the month, indicated by Draghi and Speranza, is possible according to Rasi: “General Figliuolo’s logistical organization works. The only problem remains vaccination hesitation. 80% however, it should cope with the Delta variant. If there were any problems, either we will start with the third dose or we will introduce some obligation to go up beyond 80 “.

As for the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for the frail, announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza since the end of September, “where there is evidence of an immune decline it makes sense to restore it immediately. I hope the ministry defines well what it means by immunofragility, so as not to create practical problems. On the third dose, on the other hand, an intervention by the EMA would be useful, also to avoid it being done in an outdated version while new dangerous variants arrive “, he explains again, specifying that, even if at at the moment there are no dangerous variants, “you have to be ready. Just as there is no certainty about the duration of immunity”.

The Delta variant has reached 100% of new infections, “no variant had succeeded – observes Rasi, full professor of Microbiology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata – The Delta has beaten its competitors thanks to its speed, but fortunately it does not escape the the whole immune system. If it lasts it could be good news, because it will protect us from worse mutations. There is no more dangerous variant that is faster. The important thing now is to sequence to understand if the Delta really holds. If so, vaccination it would be safe, the third dose would be facilitated and any contagion of the vaccinated would cause no harm “.

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