Val-d’Or welcomes the addition of foot patrols | Security and homelessness in Val-d'Or

Val-d’Or welcomes the addition of foot patrols | Security and homelessness in Val-d'Or

Val-d’Or welcomes the addition of foot patrols | Security and roaming in Val-d'Or

Steps are being taken to improve safety in downtown Val-d'Or.

Céline Brindamour welcomes the desire of the Minister of Public Security to increase foot patrols in downtown Val-d'Or.

François Bonnardel made the announcement Tuesday in the National Assembly, during a response during question period. The minister said he was in discussions with the management of the Sûreté du Québec in Val-d'Or to respond to this request made by the City with the aim of improving security in the city center.

< p class="e-p">I have already had three discussions with the ministry team and I am kept informed of what is being discussed, specifies the mayor of Val-d’Or. We have an open discussion and they want to be part of the solution. The police on foot or on bicycles can help the feeling of security. To be confirmed that they will be there is a very good step forward.

Minister Bonnardel also promised three new police officers and a new investigator in Val-d 'However, in addition to recalling that four police cadets will take office on June 1.

In the case of cadets, this was already present in past years and the City participates in this program which works very well, adds Céline Brindamour. For the three new police officers, they will arrive in the fall. We would like to do so before, but we understand that there are things to settle for transfers.

The mayor of Val-d'Or, Céline Brindamour, was arrested by citizens during her visit to the demonstration against violence in the city center on May 12.

Céline Brindamour is aware that it will take much more than foot patrols to calm things down downtown.

We've said it and we'll say it again, even with plenty of willingness and working together, this is not a problem that will go away quickly. It is obvious that the situation will be monitored more day by day. But even if there is a gesture or two that comes to us from the ministries, it is not true that we will be satisfied with that, she points out.

“We appealed to the government for help and we will continue in this vein. We don't want the people of Val-d'Or to tear each other apart. The social climate still worries me. I will work with all the stakeholders to be sure to bring them together. »

— Céline Brindamour

The Mayor of Val-d'Or mentions that she is also in talks with the team of the Minister of Social Services, Lionel Carmant.

From what I understood from our discussions, they will first let Public Security go a long way, she underlines, We presented them with a status report and of everything that has been done on the issue of homelessness for years. We agreed to continue talking to each other to see what solutions can be found. I also talked about the need for a day centre. I'm not a specialist in the field, but if people like those in La Piaule see it as important, it should be taken seriously.