Vasco Madueño on his relationship with Guillermo Dávila: “He has no word”

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Vasco Madueño on his relationship with Guillermo Dávila: “He has no word”

In the last program of Amor y fuego, Vasco Madueño revealed that the last statement he issued Guillermo Davila it was just to clean up their image and make the public believe that there is a good relationship between the two.

He seems to me a proud person and he has given me that impression, without knowing him. He is not a brave person, but a liar and does not have a word. I value the word of a person, because if his word is not worth it, then what is it worth, “he questioned on the program.

Also, with a disappointed face, the young man said that the singer only spoke with him to appear in the media that they have a good relationship.

“He wanted to excite me, believing that he wanted to make a link with me… We only spoke on WhatsApp. I told him everything, I opened up with him 100%, I told him that I forgive everything he said, because what matters is the present. What we talked about he did in public to say ‘I have a nice relationship with him’, when a relationship was not even forming, it was just beginning “he added.

Given the 19-year-old’s statements, the driver Rodrigo gonzales He was outraged with his confessions and said that the singer wanted to clean up his image by making the public believe an unreal situation.

Finally, Vasco Madueño asserted that the subject of his father no longer affects him as much as when he was little, since both his grandfather and his mother were a father figure for him. “Those issues have already been mourned. In adolescence, I cried a lot ”, he concluded.

Vasco Madueño to Guillermo Dávila: “Everyone deserves a chance”

Days before speaking with the program Amor y fuego and pointing out that his father was using it, Vasco Madueño said he wanted to give Guillermo Dávila a chance.

“I recognize that people make mistakes and yes, everyone deserves a chance. I’m willing (to give it a try) ”, said the young singer to Gigi Miter.

Vasco Madueño on his relationship with Guillermo Dávila: “He has no word”

Guillermo Dávila apologizes to Vasco Madueño

Through a statement, Guillermo Dávila acknowledged that he made a mistake for not having performed the DNA test many years ago to recognize Basque Madueño Like his son.

“I want to tell you that I was wrong, I waited a long time to make this decision. As human beings we have the ability to learn from our mistakes that end up becoming invaluable experiences ”, he pointed out.

Guillermo Davila

Vasco Madueño does not trust Guillermo Dávila’s DNA test

After the statement sent by Guillermo Dávila where he apologized to Vasco Madueño and assured that the DNA test had already been done, the young man indicated that he would not be carried out on his part, since he doubts the veracity.

“No (I’ll do it), that’s just not how you do a DNA test. Actually, in the message in which he writes me, he does not say the name of the laboratory, and now he says it, but that is not how DNA tests are done ”, said the artist.

Vasco Madueño on his relationship with Guillermo Dávila: “He has no word”

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