Vasco Madueño pronounces on rejection of Guillermo Dávila’s surname

Vasco Madueño pronounces on rejection of Guillermo Dávila’s surname

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Vasco Madueño pronounces on rejection of Guillermo Dávila’s surname

Basque Madueño he resorted to his account Instagram to publicize the reason for his rejection of his father’s surname, the Venezuelan singer Guillermo Davila, who had been waiting for him at Reniec to complete the corresponding procedures.

“I only write these lines to let you know the reason for my decision not to accept the legal recognition of Guillermo Dávila. My intention is not to go into details, nor to cloud anyone’s image, only to end this situation that should have been handled very privately, “said Madueño.

The biological son of Guillermo Dávila, 20, did not want to make the matter more public than it already was. However, he noted that it was the best decision.

Vasco Madueño said that he asked his father for patience. “In any case, clarifying this issue, it can only be stated that after having met Guillermo, since Knowing him at all times has been what I wanted and seeing that the legal pressure was heading towards the recognition of someone who still has not given me reasons to be able to project myself with pride of bearing his surname, is that I wrote to him the night of the previous day sending by WhatsApp that he was not prepared to go to Reniec, writing that he read”, He detailed.

Finally, Vasco Madueño expressed his pride in both his Venezuelan and Peruvian ancestry.

Guillermo Dávila recognizes Vasco Madueño as his legitimate son

After the DNA test has been performed and it is positive, Guillermo Davila finally recognized the 20-year-old Basque Madueño Like his son. The news was made known by the same balladeer through his social networks.

“Today I want to strengthen that relationship, of father and son, with him, without anything else mediating between us. It is never too late when happiness is good, it is never too late to make up for lost time ”, the singer was heard saying in a video posted on his Instagram account.

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