Vegetarians rarer cystitis

Can vegetarians less likely to develop a urinary tract infection. The meat contains more bacteria.

У вегетарианцев реже отмечается цистит

Adhering to a vegetarian diet, fewer women are faced with cystitis, as shown by a study involving 9 274 people. All watched over 10 years to determine how diet affects human health. For vegetarians, there are fewer infections of the urinary tract and kidneys. This is true taking into account such factors as age, gender and Smoking.

The number of urinary tract infections in vegetarians was 16% lower than that of meat lovers. In men, this difference was more noticeable than in women, but women are much more likely to have cystitis. In meat, especially chicken and pork, more common E. coli, causing up to 70% of urinary tract infections, including cystitis. Researchers from Tzu Chi University in Taiwan believe that women who are chronically suffering from such kind of infections, you can try to become vegetarians.

Cystitis and similar diseases are very common, they affect more than 50% of women and every 8th man at some period of life. These infections arise when disease-causing bacteria are attacking the urethra — the tube bringing urine from the body. Infections cause pain in the abdomen, back and legs, and women are particularly affected because their bladder is located closer to the back.

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