Vera Brezhnev in a unitard told how she managed to become more confident

The singer said that prevents to be confident

Вера Брежнева в облегающем трико рассказала, как ей удалось стать более уверенной в себе

Vera Brezhneva was really upset by the gossip, which is cluttered with her personal life, even though she long ago overcame his inhibitions and learned to adequately respond to the spiteful critics. About how the singer managed to become more confident, she said in Instagram.

The actress published a black-and-white footage from his recent photo shoot for a promotional campaign of its own line of decorative cosmetics. On one of the frames Faith posing in a tight Romper-tights emphasized her shape. The second photo – portrait image. Faith looks directly into the lens, and her voluminous hair covers part of the face.

“Recently during an interview I was asked to talk about himself in the third person: to praise themselves and their creativity. And I hung on. Because I realized that we are not able to praise myself. We are taught from childhood at home and in school that stand out ugly, “modesty adorns a man” and boasting/bragging is bad manners. But from the complexes could not get taught. Unfortunately. The reaction of the girls a compliment, “you look so beautiful.” “Oh, come on, I just washed my hair” was, alas, the norm, not the exception. I, of course, has increased and the complexes left behind. I know my weaknesses and develop them permanent. I am often pleased with myself and I know what I did cool, what is done, but praise yourself have not learned. Perhaps that is why I try to find time to put a like on every good review here,” the singer wrote.

In response to the revelations in the review fans of stars bathed her in the stream of compliments.

  • Sincere, easy, real girl
  • Clever beauty
  • I love you and adore you for your sincerity and honesty and creativity
  • Vera, You are such an inspiration, such a bright man
  • Vera you are alive, charismatic, kind, hardworking, and most importantly you are real. You have everything that should be in a woman
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