Verónica Linares after leaving Canal N: “Now I have to take advantage of myself”

Verónica Linares after leaving Canal N: “Now I have to take advantage of myself”

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Verónica Linares after leaving Canal N: “Now I have to take advantage of myself”

The journalist Verónica Linares used her social networks to refer to her recent departure from the leadership of N portada, a journalistic medium that the communicator had led for nine years.

On the last Friday, August 27, the news anchor surprised the viewers of Canal N after announcing live that his work in the television house had come to an end.

“I want to take advantage of these last seconds to say goodbye because today is my last program here on N cover. In fact, my last program here on Channel N. I have completed a cycle, I have just arrived here ”, he was heard saying to Linares from the television set.

Since her unexpected announcement, the journalist has been receiving inquiries about her departure from the channel, so she decided to share a message for her followers and reiterated that it is not due to any problem with the television house.

“Thanks to all the people who have contacted me to ask why I have left Canal N. I explained it on Friday that they allowed me to say goodbye that it was a purely administrative issue, everything is fine, but that’s how the cycles are and the stages, and that was one that I just closed, “he explained Linares.

Despite the sadness that the driver expressed, she also reflected on the heavy pace of work that she has carried out during the eight years at the helm.

“I am leaving very sad, of course, for all my friends, for my partner Mario Ghibellini, but I have also realized that it has been nine intense years on N cover. If I were to tell you all the medical issues that I have had to go through with Fabio (his son), I don’t know how I have organized myself to be in the morning, to be with all those doctors, with Fabio, to return to the program at night , impressive, but that’s how mothers are, “recalled the journalist.

It is because of that Linares He finished his message with enthusiasm, since it seems that he will have more time to invest in other activities that he has not been able to carry out so far.

“Now I only have to take advantage of myself, of the things that I had pending with me eight years ago, and that is what I am going to do,” said the presenter.

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