Verónica Montes reveals that they detected a benign brain tumor

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Verónica Montes reveals that they detected a benign brain tumor

Veronica Montes, an actress recognized for her role in The Lord of the Skies, surprised her fans by confessing that they had detected a tumor in her brain.

The actress told the Mexican media TV Notes who has been presenting health problems for a year without being able to give an exact diagnosis about his condition.

After undergoing various medical tests, the doctors discovered a brain tumor that developed due to the high levels of prolactin in it. Mountains on your body. Fortunately, the specialists affirmed that it is benign and that it is controlled.

“They discovered that I have a small tumor in the central part of my forehead called a microadenoma and it comes out when you have high prolactin,” said the Peruvian artist who lives in Mexico.

The actress said that when she found out about her diagnosis, she was scared, she even thought that she would undergo an operation; however, her doctor explained that this would not be necessary.

“The first thing that came to my mind was that I would be on an iron to have surgery, I was scared because I even thought they were going to open my brain (…). The doctor tells me that you just have to be checking it to control it and, above all, to prevent it from growing and complications from coming, as it would be more dangerous to take it off. If they take it away, I could get diabetes or something else, “said the interpreter.

Mountains He also explained in the interview that there are still days when he feels little discomfort, but that he is recovering little by little.

“There are days when I wake up with a swollen face, although not like before. In addition, I am already stronger because this disease made me very tired. I also feel calm because I already know what happens to my body ”, the actress concluded.

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