Victoria City.  Entrepreneurs share experiences.

Victoria City. Entrepreneurs share experiences.

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Victoria City.  Entrepreneurs share experiences.

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Victoria City / 08.21.2021 00:18:23

Invited by the Municipal Government of Victoria chaired by the mayor Pilar Gómez, the successful young entrepreneurs Susana Rivera Salazar and Hugo Mariano Torres gave the workshops “If you can dream it, you can do it ”and“ How to register your trademark with the IMPI ”, respectively.

Under the coordination the Directorate of Economic Development and Municipal Tourism coordinated by Mario Arizpe Martínez The workshops addressed theoretical aspects, topics and activities focused on promoting and consolidating the business initiatives of more than 120 entrepreneurs who participated virtually in these activities.

Susana Rivera Salazar, entrepreneur in the restaurant industry and renowned lecturerist and winner of several awards shared experiences and knowledge in her bouquet through interaction with participants, same dynamic that he performed during his virtual space Hugo Mariano Torres specialist in corporate image and identity design.

The business workshops that weekly are offered free of charge under the Zoom digital platform by the Directorate of Economic Development and Municipal Tourism were designed as a space to promote the development of local businessmen and entrepreneurs where they are invited as pone before personalities who have stood out in the business area.

Susana rivera has received among other recognitions the award to the businessman of the year granted by the Canaco Victoria in 2016 and Hugo Mariano Torres Master In Industrial Administration he has distinguished himself as founder and director of design and consulting agencies such as; Pixtor, Kamer Coworking Space and Referral Networking.