Video from Munich: Policeman kneels for minutes on defenseless man

Video from Munich: Policeman kneels for minutes on defenseless man

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Video from Munich: Policeman kneels for minutes on defenseless man

Updated: 07/05/202113:11

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A ticket inspection escalates in Munich in spring. A policeman kneels on a man’s neck. The incident is reminiscent of the George Floyd case.

Munich – In February 2021, an incident apparently occurred in Munich that was related to the George Floyd drama* from the United States* remind. However, the consequences are hardly comparable. According to a media report, a ticket inspection in a subway station escalated at the time: The news portal Focus Online reports that a federal police officer is said to have pressed his knee on the neck of a 53-year-old for minutes. Video recordings show the scenes.

Accordingly, the man lying on the ground pleaded for help several times. Before that, his ticket was checked by DB Security employees. Although the ticket was valid, as the local transport company Focus Online later confirmed, the employee apparently threatened with a fine. According to the media report, the 53-year-old felt harassed – and discussions broke out.

Ticket control in Munich escalates: man begs for help

Then two employees of the security company acting on behalf of Deutsche Bahn followed the 53-year-old. According to the report, the man got off at an S-Bahn station in Munich and a scuffle broke out. The security guards finally requested reinforcements from the federal police. According to the report, an attempt to check identity was made in the further course of the operation. After the 53-year-old refused to show his ID several times, several police officers pushed him to the ground and pinned him down. Even after the man has been handcuffed and his colleague is searching the man’s luggage, the policeman does not seem to take his knee off the man’s neck.

Compared to the online portal, the man later described that he was “scared to death”. One of the officers is said to have pressed his knee on the 53-year-old’s neck. The police later took him to the station, where he spent the night in a cell. The next morning was therefore released.

Criticism of the police operation in Munich by lawyer and professor

Several months later, the man’s lawyer speaks, according to the report, of “disproportionate” regarding the police operation. An expert on police law also expressed concerns about the actions of the officers. It is “questionable”, said Markus Thiel, professor at the German Police University, in an interview with the online portal.

According to the lawyer, the 53-year-old expects a hearing in the district court in August 2021. Among other things, he is accused of willful bodily harm. The federal police have not yet commented on this. (do) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA: