Video games come to Zoom calls

Video games come to Zoom calls

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Video games come to Zoom calls

Zoom had its moment of splendor during periods of isolation in the coronavirus pandemic. As the months passed, the platform began to include new features to improve your original service. In fact, it has now announced that its millions of users will be able to play during a video call.

These simple free titles include everything from challenges to questions and answers, mini-games of skill, poker and even a remake of the classic imposter game inspired by Werewolf with Friends –Or, more recently, Among us-.

There are also a couple of releases from Playco, a company that specializes in so-called “instant games” that allows users to play without the need for additional downloads.

Just one of these titles, called “Attention!”, Implies that a player has to guess a word that is on the screen based on the clues of his teammates in Zoom that had its successful origin on mobile devices.

“Ask Away”, the game that is available in the Zoom download store.

Another one that appears available in the download store is “Ask Away”– A question and answer game with funny characters.

“It is designed to play fast while you hope others will join a business meeting, as a way to break the ice with new faces and even to deepen relationships with the best friends of all the life “, said the cofounder of Playco, Justin Waldron, in an interview to the site Axios.

Any user in a Zoom meeting can start the games and invite other users to play, and there is no maximum player count, Waldron said.

How to access the games

Those who want to start enjoying the games should only have a Zoom user account, download the latest version of the program and visit the application market Zoom App Marketplace. Between productivity and leisure activities they already add up to more than 50 applications and from the American company they announced that they will add many more.

With the addition of video games, Zoom follows in the footsteps of other large communication companies that recently announced their plans to offer these types of experiences. One of the best known cases is that of Netflix, which also plans to add video games to its video-on-demand platform.

Video games come to Zoom calls

The Zoom Download Store offers various video games to incorporate into a video call.

The video conferencing application Zoom Video Communications It was created by the Chinese businessman who emigrated to the United States, Eric Yuan. In a very short time he went from having 10 million users to 300 million, according to the latest figures known as of April 2020.

With this addition, it only remains to know if Zoom users will initiate a video call for the purpose of playing games or if they will use it mainly for improve meeting dynamics business or family, which millions of people experienced over the past year.

Weeks ago, the platform had launched a video background feature so that video calls resemble a meeting in real life, where everyone shares the same space.

To streamline video conferencing, the platform that became synonymous with virtual communication during the pandemic launched the announced mode Immersive View.

The idea is to achieve a more attractive and realistic form of meeting that allows the hosts to organize the panelists in a scene and collaborate in a common virtual meeting space.

This new virtual fund is available for both free and paid accounts. Immersive View can now be used for group video calls with up to 25 attendees.