Video games worth $ 100,000 are found in a house that was locked for 20 years

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Video games worth $ 100,000 are found in a house that was locked for 20 years

Two youtubers found a treasure hidden in a room of a house that had been closed for 20 years: a huge collection of video games valued at about $ 100,000.

In a dirty house, with remains of food and dirt, which they came to because they are dedicated to buying and selling used games and consoles, the hosts of the video came to find well-known games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker to rarities like the limited edition of Resident Evil 4 which came with its own joystick-chainsaw.

Among the games found there were many that were even closed in cellophane, unopened.

The youtubers are called Aimee and Korbin and sun channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines. There they generally show his abilities to resell second-hand things.

In this case, from the contact that reached them, they were told that the house they were going to was “a bit unpleasant”, but the couple had no idea what they were going to find there. Exploring they were finding all kinds of video games, collectibles and VHS cassettes.

House of horror, millions in games

The video is not for impressionable people: the house does not have an inch of walkable space, as everything is littered with rubble and rotten cardboard boxes, many with remains of cockroach droppings.

Among all that there were games scattered around the house between the cockroaches and the decomposed remains of the ceiling, but the couple were only interested in their findings that they still had the cellophane, so they probably threw out hundreds of games already open.

They made some exceptions with games, but anyway Aimee points out that you can deal with “a little mouse poop” if it means getting good games.

There were PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube games, plus loads of video game magazines.

YouTubers confirmed to the Kotaku medium that the total value of the newly discovered game collection was about $ 100,000, of which Cheap Finds Gold Mines took home some 20,000 after splitting the finds with eight other resellers.

At the end of another video a woman named Stephanie gave some context about the house and helped explain why it was in that state – it belonged to her uncle and had been the family home since 1965. When her uncle fell ill in 2019 , she helped him with the move.

“We’ve been cleaning my uncle’s house for the past few days,” Stephanie explained. “We are just trying to get their treasures out.”

Korbin told Kotaku that the house was going to be demolished and everything inside was going to end up in the trash.

Fortunately a huge chunk of video game history was saved from future demolition.

Although Cheap Finds Gold Mines was able to turn its intricate exploration into profit, Aimee suggests that viewers should appreciate its find not only for its economic value, but also so apparently the game collection meant to the owner.

“We are saving these video games, we are saving a piece of history and we’re saving a piece of this guy’s heart“he mused.