Video of the RTL-Triell for the federal election – Here you can see the best scenes

Video of the RTL-Triell for the federal election – Here you can see the best scenes

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Video of the RTL-Triell for the federal election – Here you can see the best scenes

Updated: 08/29/202123:28

  • fromMaximilian Kettenbach


According to a survey, Olaf Scholz is the winner of the RTL / ntv election triumph. You can see the video with the best scenes of the exchange of blows with Baerbock and Laschet here.

Munich – An oppressive evening for the Union and Armin Laschet. A first lightning survey by Forsa (2500 pre-selected viewers were interviewed) after the Triell shows when asked who won the exchange of blows, Olaf Scholz up front. 36 percent of the viewers thought the SPD man was the best, 30 percent saw the Green chairwoman Annalena Baerbock behind it, but only 25 percent voted for CDU leader Laschet.

When asked who was the most likable, a similar picture emerges. 38 percent say Scholz, 37 percent say Baerbock, only 22 percent vote for Laschet.

Video of the RTL triall before the general election: Laschet on the ground – Scholz almost through?

The decision on the question “Who do you trust most likely to lead the country?” Was made even clearer. Here 47 percent voted for Scholz, 24 percent for Laschet and 20 percent for Baerbock. The result of the question “Who did you find most knowledgeable and competent?” Was similar. Here, with 46 percent, Scholz is also well ahead of Laschet with 26 percent and Baerbock with 24 percent.

Laschet was extremely aggressive, but also had to take it easy. The Union candidate Scholz attacked sharply on the question of a possible left alliance and urged him to clearly exclude cooperation. “Tell me, we won’t form a coalition with them, but they stick around and talk about it,” he said to the address of the SPD candidate. Scholz replied that he was interested in principles. He will not negotiate about that either.

Video of the RTL triall before the federal election: Baerbock aggressive

In return, Baerbock attacked the governing parties in the Triell on the issue of dealing with politics
the children in the corona pandemic. The federal government should take on more responsibility for children and families in emergency situations such as the corona pandemic. “This is why the federal government should, for example, in the future when it comes to air filter equipment
of schools or for all-day care (…) permanently get involved in the financing. ”A policy that always says,“ Let’s wait and see, let’s don’t do anything at all, has meant that children are not in a year and a half went to school ”.

The questions were asked by RTL presenters Pinar Atalay and Peter Kloeppel.