Viewing Instagarm Stories: How Does It Work?  – Curler

Viewing Instagarm Stories: How Does It Work? – Curler

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Viewing Instagarm Stories: How Does It Work?  – Curler

Have you ever wondered how the order of Instagram Stories views works? A study reveals how the algorithm works

Who does not use Instagram daily now. Between posts, likes and stories it has become a real must of our daily life. Right on Instagram Stories there is a long debate, who views my stories? And in what order?

One of the certain things is that verified profiles, therefore those with a blue check, enjoy greater visibility and therefore their name will also appear at the top in the views of the Stories.

To reveal it, a study carried out by the portal PcProfessional which, in a detailed report lets you know how stories are displayed. A chronological or random order ‘The answer is basically the type of interactions:

Viewing Instagarm Stories: How Does It Work?  – Curler

Just as the first Instagram stories that appear at the top of the feed are those of familiar users, the same goes for the list of views. These are dictates imposed by the algorithm of the stories and draws the profiles closest to yours, in terms of interests but also of reciprocal relationships and interactions.

This consists of likes, comments or Direct exchanged with a person. Both on a post both via private conversations, the result does not change. The study continues:

Viewing Instagarm Stories: How Does It Work?  – Curler

It seems that Instagram decides for each user a ranking of friends, which is reflected in the view of the Stories. The social network would give priority to the so-called Best friends, or users we follow and who follow us and with whom we interact a lot. Then you move on to friends, or the profiles you follow. Then to the Best fans, those who follow us and interact a lot with our content, and the fans, who we don’t follow. Finally, there is the space dedicated to those who we do not follow and by whom we are not followed, but who nevertheless see the stories.

Therefore, based on your relationships on Instagram, the hierarchy linked to the order of the views to the stories will be established. If you change your behavior towards other users, their ranking will also change.