Virgo happy: That carries on 15-16 February for signs of Land, said the astrologer

This weekend will please Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Девы наконец счастливы: Что несет 15-16 февраля для знаков Земли, сообщил астрологSaturday and Sunday 15 and 16 February will bring the Zodiac of the Earth what they’ve been waiting for. For some it will be a holiday, for others — a long-awaited personal happiness. The astrologer told what to expect for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

This weekend, the Bulls can enjoy time spent with family and friends. The troubles of the week finally recede, and the problems that bothered sign from the beginning of the month, you will find long-awaited decision. This is a time of closure and summing up. During this period, the zodiac, charged with new strength and the issues that bothered him, finally will be closed, giving way to work on completely different plans.

To Maidens and Capricorns it will be a time of new beginnings. Only for the first sign that the novelty will be associated with personal life, and the second career. This weekend, virgin will finally be able to feel that they are happy — free representatives of this sign will awaken romantic feelings for a person, and they will not remain unanswered. And those people who have already found a mate, will find harmony in the relationship and enjoy with your loved one time.

For Capricorn weekend will be a time not only for rest, but also to address important issues with your career. At this time, they may get a call about a new job or promotion, or build some plans on their own. In any case, it all started in these two days and that is associated with the work will be completed successfully.

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