Virologist Kekulé gives Markus Lanz a corona prognosis that hurts: “In a year at the latest …”

Virologist Kekulé gives Markus Lanz a corona prognosis that hurts: “In a year at the latest …”

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Virologist Kekulé gives Markus Lanz a corona prognosis that hurts: “In a year at the latest …”

Updated: 07/09/202111:26

Your argument knocks CDU man Thomas de Maizière! Youth activist Tabea Engelke manages to put seasoned politicians on the wall with “Markus Lanz”.

Hamburg – “Markus Lanz” on Thursday evening will, among other things, deal with the upcoming federal election and the question that arises: Which of the candidates can convince a younger generation? When it comes to youth activist Tabea Engelke, the CDU in particular has failed in recent years. She therefore calls loudly and clearly to lower the voting age to 16 years.

In an interview with ZDF presenter Markus Lanz, Engelke argues passionately for her proposal and leaves nothing out. The activist warns urgently: “We don’t have time!” The election manifesto of the Christian Democratic Union seems to enrage rather than reassure Tabea. She says with a serious look: “The CDU had 16 years.”

“Markus Lanz” – these were his guests on July 8th:

  • Tabea Engelke – Youth activist
  • Thomas de Maizière – Former Federal Minister of the Interior (CDU)
  • Alexander Kekulé – virologist
  • Katharina Hamberger – Capital correspondent for Deutschlandfunk

In the program of July 8th, the youth activist also makes it clear that she has lost trust in the long-established party: “Why should I, as a young person, suddenly believe the CDU?” Actually a bitter blow for the former Interior and Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), who is also in the group. However, the politician seems taken with Tabea Engelke’s passion.

Ex-Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) surprised: “I would be ready to talk about reducing the age of majority to 16”

The activist clearly calls for “Markus Lanz”: Lower the voting age. A demand that has already been made in the recent past by the SPD and the Greens. Thomas de Maizière first weighs in: “The democratic vote must be linked to the age of majority.” But then he lets himself be carried away to the following statement: “I would be willing to talk about reducing the age of majority to 16.” The CDU man is primarily concerned with the area of ​​criminal responsibility.

Engelke then does not give up and countered self-confidently in the ZDF program: “Then lower the age of majority.” For the young activist, it seems to be particularly important to give the young a voice – and to actively involve them in politics. With regard to de Maizière, Tabea Engelke criticizes: “I would say that politics is tired of young people.” The government made many serious mistakes, especially with the corona policy: “The federal government has failed.”

Epidemiologist Alexander Kekulé gives a ray of hope on “Markus Lanz” (ZDF): “We are on an island of the blessed”

Instead of also debating the right to vote, epidemiologist Alexander Kekulé focuses on the ongoing corona pandemic in “Markus Lanz”. Above all, he criticizes the “contamination experiment” by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and calls it “hardly responsible”. At the same time, the expert gives hope for a better future when he says that the current low incidence looks like an “end game of the pandemic”: “We are in Germany on an island of the blissful at the moment.”

Nevertheless, Kekulé warns in the ZDF broadcast of premature relaxation of the measures. After all, not all groups are vaccinated. Too early easing could mean that minorities are at risk of becoming infected. The epidemiologist’s suggestion? “If we can drive it into a corridor that it stays below the mortality rate of influenza, then it is something that we as a society can also represent and what we can also explain to people.”

His prognosis sounds less encouraging: “Hopefully in a year at the latest we will be able to vaccinate young people.” Kekulé warned: “The state must protect those who are not vaccinated and who are at high risk.”

“Markus Lanz” – the conclusion of the show

At “Markus Lanz” there is a lot going on on Thursday evening – with the passionate and argumentative youth activist Tabea Engelke, who not only manages to talk to the former Interior and Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière on an equal footing. She also manages to lure the CDU man out of the reserve and to give him new ideas for the purpose of lowering the age of majority. Alexander Kekulé, on the other hand, speaks about the ongoing pandemic and calls for the goal to remain below the mortality rate of influenza: “Then we can say: That is our goal and that is why you will have to wear masks again this autumn when shopping or on the tram.”