Vladimir Bebeshko commented on the decision to be Nice nitich to leave him: She’s looking for a new image

Владимир Бебешко прокомментировал решение Милы Нитич уйти от него: Она ищет новый образ

Famous Ukrainian singer Mila nitich that 10 years was under the tutelage of producer Vladimir Bebeshko, said it decided to stop working. Vladimir commented on this decision of the actress.

Mila nitich was a finalist on the tenth season of the project “Chance”. After that the singer began to work with well-known Ukrainian producer Vladimir Bebeshko. After years of cooperation Mila decided to stop working with Vladimir and to develop a career independently. She gave a Frank interview to the program “Life of famous people” on TV channel “1+1”, and Vladimir responded to her statement.

Mila nitich said that over the 10 years of cooperation she had with Vladimir was not a single signed contract between the artist and the producer. Also she had not seen documents that would indicate that her name and songs belong to Bebeshko. Looking at the Ukrainian registry of trademarks, it found that the brand “Mila nitich” does not exist. The artist decided to stop working with a producer, and registered the name for themselves.

Vladimir Bebeshko commented on the incident and noticed that he let go of the singer, because I didn’t want to keep her forcibly. He also added that now is engaged in new musical projects.

When an artist wants freedom and wants to try something, you have to give him that opportunity. No one force to restrain. She is looking for new image, new repertoire. Have a Nice kind of freedom,
– said the producer.

Netic admitted that from-for quarrels with Vladimir, she had a nervous breakdown, which had to go to the doctors and get treatment.

I will tell you, my voice started to disappear. At first I thought that on a physiological basis, and then when it was delayed for six months, I realized that I can not sing. I was prescribed a course of therapy for a month. Frankly, I was pulled out of a very deep pit. Then I had an almost chronic state of neurosis,
– said the singer.

Mila nitich and Vladimir Bebeshko in the “Life of famous people”: watch video

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