Voa NW and Voa NE and Aeroportos Paulistas win auction for 22 airports in São Paulo

Voa NW and Voa NE and Aeroportos Paulistas win auction for 22 airports in São Paulo

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Voa NW and Voa NE and Aeroportos Paulistas win auction for 22 airports in São Paulo

The 2 lots of the 22 regional airports auctioned by the São Paulo government were bought by the consortiums Voa NW and Voa NE, which took the Sudeste lot for the grant value of R$ 14.7 million, premium of 11.5%, and the consortium Aeroportos Paulistas, which won the Noroeste lot for R$7.6 million, a premium of 11.14%.

With these auctions, the government of São Paulo will no longer manage any airport in the state. The signing of the contract should take place within the next 90 to 120 days.

The auction was promoted by Artesp (Transport Agency of the State of São Paulo) and took place this Thursday (15.Jul.2021) at B3 in Sao Paulo.

The Southeast lot is made up of Ribeirão Preto, Sorocaba, Araraquara, Avaré, Bauru-Arealva, Franca, Guaratinguetá, Marília, São Carlos, Registro and São Manuel. The 2nd Northwest lot consists of São José do Rio Preto, Presidente Prudente, Araçatuba, Barretos, Andradina, Assis, Dracena, Votuporanga, Tupã, Presidente Epitácio and Penápolis.

the consortium Fly NW and Fly NE it already manages another 5 regional airports in the state. They are: Bragança Paulista, Campinas, Itanhaém, Jundiaí and Ubatuba. The consortium is formed by Terracom Concessões e Participações LTDA, Nova Ubatuba Empreendimentos e Participações LTDA, MPE Engenharia e Serviços SA and Estrutural Concessões de Rodovias LTDA.

The consortium intends to finance the investments with 30% of its own capital and 70% through debentures. According to Fernando Evanyr, director of new business development of one of the companies that are part of the consortium, the group is interested in participating in the auction of the airport of the Pampulha (MG) with the objective of making a hub with the airport of Ribeirão Preto. “We have 16 airports with this achievement and we want to expand“, said.

Aeroportos Paulistas is formed by: Socicam Infraestrutura e Participações LTDA and Dix Empreendimentos LTDA. The group did not say how its financing will be.

O São Paulo government expects an investment of R$447 million over the 30 years of the concession. Of this total, R$ 266.5 are for the Sudeste group. In the first 4 years of operation, Palácio dos Bandeirantes expects R$ 75.5 million to be invested in the airports that make up this lot.

The Noroeste group should receive R$ 181.2 million in 30 years of operation by the private sector. It also has a minimum investment quota for the first 4 years: R$ 62.3 million.

The amounts must be applied to the modernization and expansion of airports. The remaining amounts can be invested during the other 26 years of the contract, as the dealers decide.

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