Voborníková finished seventh in the pursuit race at the World Championships, Krčmář was nineteenth

Voborníková finished seventh in the pursuit race at the World Championships, Krčmář was nineteenth

Voborniakova finished in the lead-up to the seventh WC, The innkeeper was nineteen.

Illustration photo – Biathlon World Championships, women's 7.5 km sprint, February 10, 2023, Oberhof, Germany. Czech competitor Tereza Voborníková.

Oberhof (Germany) – Czech biathlete Tereza Voborníková improved her career by eleven places to seventh place in the pursuit race at the World Championships. She helped herself to this mainly by shooting while standing. Markéta Davidová dropped to 16th place after five penalty rounds. French Julia Simonová won, for whom it is the first medal at the top world event.

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Voborniakova finished seventh in the steeplechase at the World Championships, Krčmář was nineteenth

Vobornkova finished in the lead-up to the WC seventh, The innkeeper was nineteen.

in the water at the WC seventh, Krčmář was ninth” />

Voborniakova finished in a drag race at the seventh WC, Krčmář he was nineteen

Voborníková improved by two places even before the start, because the fifth and sixteenth women in the sprint, Italian Lisa Vittozzi and Swedish Elvira Öberg, did not start due to illness. She then made one mistake on each prone event and was on the edge of the second and third tens, but she handled the standing shooting in the foggy Oberhof very well and started in the group fighting for fifth place. In the end, it was the seventh place, and last year's junior world champion, at the age of 22, was happy to finish in the top ten at the senior world championship.

“The fact that I narrowly missed out on the extended podium, I'm not sorry at the moment. Even seventh place is beautiful for me. I couldn't have imagined that I would be able to achieve that, especially at the World Championships. It's a great result and I'm very happy for it, ” Voborníková

told Czech journalistsDavidová paid for the fact that this time she did not have a single clean entry and did not follow up on the sixth place from the sprint. “Five mistakes are too many. That was probably the deciding factor,” said Davidová. “I didn't see much in the lay-up and I'm glad that at least something fell. Every time I left an item, I had to look once more to see what was left and what wasn't. I shot one item at the switch because I couldn't see the targets and A different one than was in the order came to my hand. Unfortunately, this gloom didn't suit me,” she added.

Lucie Charvátová made six mistakes, but still improved from 59th place to 41st place.

< p>World Cup leader Simonová attacked from tenth place after the sprint. She shot excellently and came to the final event just behind sprint winner Denise Herrmann-Wick. The French biathlete missed one target, but her German opponent had to go for two penalty rounds, so it was decided. In the end, they were separated by 27 seconds.

“It was crazy and unbelievable. Before the last shoot, the trainer on the hill told me that Denise and I had a big lead for third place. But I said it didn't matter. I just wanted to win, so I planned to stick with Denise and evaluate the wind correctly. In the last lap, my legs were knocking and I thought to myself: Oh my God, it's already here. I had a lot of emotions running through my head,” said Simonová at the press conference.

The Norwegian Marte Olsbuová-Röiselandová rose to third place, for whom it is already the fifth individual medal at the World Championships. For the 2020 World Cup queen, today's precious metal is a reward for a difficult comeback after health problems that deprived her of the first part of this World Cup season. She only started racing this calendar year in Pokljuka.

“It means a lot to me. It's a great success. Even after the sprint I wasn't upset about fourth place. On the contrary, I'm happy because I'm competing in my best form this season. I'm happy that I won the bronze medal,” said Olsbuová-Röiselandová .

Krčmář was 19th in the pursuit race, Bö won again

The Czech biathletes did not shoot well in the pursuit race at the World Championships, the best of them, Michal Krčmář, finished 19th after four penalty rounds. As in the sprint, the king of the current season, Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö, won.

Krčmář, who was 14th in the sprint, moved up two places after the initial clean shooting, but then had two errors each and fell into the third ten. The final successful shoot moved him up to at least 19th, his best pursuit finish at a major event. At the world championship, his highest so far was 21st place from last year's Pokljuka.

“I guess I need to cool down first. I'm quite upset and angry with myself. This was a bad race and I don't see much positive in it. Everyone says to try to be positive and not be so negative, but that's not possible after today. This is not it, what I've been training all year. Honestly, I don't even want to talk at this moment,” said a visibly upset Krčmář among the journalists.

He was not satisfied with the performance overall. “It was nothing on the track, nothing on the shooting range either. The only bright moment was the first lie-up and the last stand. But whoever watched it probably saw what was wrong,” said the native of Vrchlabí.

Jakub Štvrtecký, who also made four mistakes, finished three places behind him. “It's so average. I'm quite satisfied. It's the best fighter in my career. But I could have thought higher. Especially before the last shot,” said Štvrtecký, who missed two targets in the final “stand-up”.

Tomáš Mikyska moved from 60th place to 31st place despite three mistakes. Adam Václavík already messed up the race in the second lie, during which he hit only one target. In the end, he had to circle the penalty circle eleven times and dropped to 51st place.

SP leader Bö shot accurately and gradually increased his lead. He came to the final item with such a lead that he could afford three mistakes. He didn't do any and could pose in the telemark before the finish line, because even so silver compatriot Sturla Holm Laegreid lost more than a minute to him with a clean shot. Twenty-nine-year-old Bö won the pursuit race for the first time in his career at a major event and has already won his third gold at this championship after success in the mixed relay and sprint.

“There were no problems with the wind or the fog today. I drove in the lead from the start and I felt great on the track. It was my best day in the championship so far. The form holds and I managed a clear shooting race, which is also not often. I am proud of that ,” said Bö at the press conference, who also made a celebratory gesture to the fans at the end. Just before the finish line, he got down on one knee and pointed his finger at them. “I enjoyed it. But I think that I won't be able to afford this in the next races,” added the Norwegian biathlete.

Sweden's Sebastian Samuelsson worked his way to bronze from eleventh place. He developed an appetite for failure in the mixed relay, in which he had to lie down for three penalty rounds after shooting due to the allowed screws on the weapon. This time he missed only two out of twenty shots, and after the silver from the 2018 Olympic Games and the 2021 World Cup, he reached the podium for the third time in the pursuit race at the top event.

Pursuit races:

Men (12.5 km): 1. J. T. Bö 33:34.5 (0 penalty circuits), 2. Laegreid (both Nor.) -1:11.2 (0), 3. Samuelsson (Sweden) -1:54.1 (2), 4. T. Bö -1:57.3 (4), 5. Christiansen (both Nor.) -2:14.7 (2), 6. Hühn (German) -2:27.1 (3), .. .19. Innkeeper -3:57.5 (4), 22. Štvrtecký -4:07.2 (4), 31. Mikyska -4:53.6 (3), 51. Václavík (all Czech Republic) -7:06.9 (11).

Women (10 km): 1. Simonová (Fr.) 32:00, 8 (1 penalty circuit), 2. Herrmannová-Wicková (Germany) -27.0 (4), 3. Olsbuová Röiselandová -37.7 (3), 4. Tandrevoldová (both Nor.) -1:00, 3 (3), 5. Schneiderová (Germany) -1:08.3 (4), 6. Jeanmonnotová (Fr.) -1:08.7 (1), 7. Voborníková -1:12.9 (2),…16. Davidová -1:59.9 (5), 41. Charvátová (all Czech Republic) -4:36.4 (6).