Voborníková won a vital 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Voborníková won a vital 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Vobornkova won a lifetime 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Biathlon World Cup race – women's 10 km pursuit race, March 4, 2023 Nové Město na Moravě, Žďársko. Czech representative Tereza Voborníková.

Oslo – Biathlete Tereza Voborníková finished sixth in the World Cup sprint in Oslo and achieved a lifetime achievement. After a flawless shooting, she lost 3.4 seconds to the fifth French Julia Simon, who secured the triumph in the overall ranking of the World Cup with this result. Last year's junior world champion Voborníková lost 9.6 seconds to the bronze medalist Anna Magnusson of Sweden. At Holmenkollen, the German Denise Herrmannová-Wicková won, who at the end of her career dominated the evaluation of this discipline.

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Voborniakova won a lifetime 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Voborniakova won a lifetime 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Voborniakova won the 6th place in the sprint for life in Oslo

Vobornkova won a vital 6th place in the sprint in Oslo

Other Czechs also did well. Although Markéta Davidová made two mistakes on the shooting range, the fourth best running time secured her tenth place. The best race after the injury was completed by Jessica Jislová, who placed 26th with one mistake.

22-year-old Voborníková reached the extended podium for the first time among the senior elite. She improved on seventh place from the pursuit race at the World Championships in Oberhof. In the SP, her maximum so far was the 21st place from the January pursuit race in Pokljuka. She lost 42.7 seconds to the winner Herrmann-Wick, who beat Sweden's Hanna Öberg by 3.5 seconds.

Krčmář was ninth in the pursuit race of biathletes in Oslo, won by Bö

Michal Krčmář finished ninth in the pursuit race of the Biathlon World Cup in Oslo. At Holmenkollen, he improved by one place compared to the sprint. Home Johannes Thingnes Bö dominated again, winning by more than half a minute ahead of France's Quentin Fillon Maillet, although he rode relaxed on the last lap and greeted the spectators. Among the Czech representatives, the twenty-fourth Tomáš Mikyska and the thirty-fifth Jakub Štvrtecký, who was the fastest runner of the race, advanced significantly.

The leader of the men's part of the Czech team, Krčmář, was lying down in the group going for fifth place after two zeros. Then he made a mistake once in the opening standing position and dropped out of the top ten after a penalty lap, but he returned to it with a quick zero at the end. At the finish, he defended ninth place ahead of the Italian Tommaso Giacomelo. “I am satisfied with the result. More or less, with what I showed on the track and on the shooting range. I gave my best,” he told Radiožurnál Sport.

He didn't feel as good on the track as he did during Thursday's sprint. “It was already such a struggle, compared to the sprint it was already worse. At this stage of the season, I don't deal with it anymore, you ride what you have,” said Krčmář, whose brand of skis was not among the fastest in the prevailing warm conditions. He lost 41 seconds to his national team colleague Štvrtecký in the run. However, he positively evaluated the shooting performance. “I'm a little sorry that the four zeros I didn't give this year didn't come out again, but I'll take it,” he added.

Mikyska, who made two mistakes, jumped 14 places. Štvrtecký, who was flying along the track and with starting number 53, was at the end of the third ten before the final shooting, could have thought of an even bigger shift. However, he hit only one shot out of five on the stand and took 35th place.

The sovereign of this season, Bö did not allow anyone to chase him after the victory in the sprint. His lead was more than a minute during the race and one penalty lap in the third position couldn't hurt him. During the final shooting, he could afford to greet the spectators even before the last shot, which then hit anyway. No one else was at the shooting range at the time. In the last lap, he squandered almost half of his lead. Before the finish line, he also bowed to King Harald V of Norway, who was watching the race from the stands.

Behind Fillon Maillet, who started from seventh place, Norwegian Sturla Holm Laegreid finished third.

In Oslo. the postponed sprint of biathletes is now running.

SP races in biathlon in Oslo:

Men – pursuit race (12.5 km):1. J.T. Bö (Nor.) 32:34.0 (1 penalty. circuit), 2. Fillon Maillet (Fr.) -32.7 (0), 3. Laegreid (Nor.) -49.1 (1) , 4. Doll (Germany) -55.3 (2), 5. Claude (Fr.) -1:00.4 (1), 6. Hartweg (Switzerland) -1:08.1 (0), …9. Innkeeper -1:27.5 (1), 24. Mikyska -2:40.6 (2), 35. Štvrtecký -3:39.7 (5), 46. Václavík -4:44.1 (6), 57. Mareček (all Czech Republic) -6:24.1 (4).

Final ranking of the pursuit race (after 7 races): 1. J. T. Bö 600, 2 .Laegreid 425, 3. Fillon Maillet 295, 4. T. Böe (Nor.) 277, 5. Claude 252, 6. Christiansen (Nor.) 237, …14. Innkeeper 178, 38. Mikyska 47, 59. Štvrtecký 17.

Current order of SP (after 20 of 21 races): 1. J. T. Bö 1499, 2. Laegreid 1053, 3. Christiansen 875, 4. Doll 768, 5. Ponsiluoma (Swed.) 739, 6. Dale (Nor.) 656, …12. Innkeeper 556, 43. Štvrtecký 86, 51. Mikyska 67, 77. Marecek 17, 90. Václavík 7.

15:10 women's 7.5 km sprint.