Vyškov and Příbram will try to dramatize the tie against the league favorites

Vyškov and Přiabram will try to dramatize the bar against the league favorites

Playoff for the first football league – opening match: FC Trinity Zlín – MFK Vyškov, June 1, 2023, Zlín. From the left, Rudolf Reiter from Zlín and Jaromír Srubek from Vyškov.

Prague – Rematches of the tie for the first football league will end the season of professional competitions in the Czech Republic on Sunday. After Thursday's opening matches, the favorites from the top league are significantly closer to success, but the teams from the second league will try to make the doubleheader even more dramatic. Vyškov wants to erase the 0:1 deficit against Zlín in the home rematch at the stadium in Drnovice, and Příbram wants to surprise Pardubice after losing 0:2 at Litavka.

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Vyškov and Příbram will try to dramatize the bar against the league favorites

Vyškov and Přiabram will try to dramatize the bar against the league favorites

< p>Vyškov and Přiabram will try to dramatize the bar against the league favorites

Vyškov and Přiabram will try to dramatize the bar against the league favorites

< p>The second team of the second league table Vyškov did not disappoint against Zlín and kept pace with the fifteenth overall in the top competition. However, the favorite scored the only goal in the 64th minute thanks to substitute Youby Dramé. “There were passages when Zlín fell into a deep block. We found windows in their game. Our players performed very well and we have to build on that,” Vyškov coach Jan Kameník told reporters.

The former Zlín coach believes that his charges can turn the doubleheader around and reach the premier promotion among the elite. The Vyškov team in Drnovice, where they play home matches, have not found a winner five times in a row. “We didn't disappoint in Zlín and weren't worse, we have to start from that. At home we want to erase the deficit and start again,” added Kameník.

For the second time in a row, Zlín is going to defend its first league status on an outdoor pitch. A week ago, at the end of the league extension, they avoided direct relegation after a goalless draw in Brno, and a draw would be enough for them this time as well. “Shoemakers” have not lost four times in a row.

“We have a very difficult match ahead of us, Vyškov has proven its quality. The typology of their players is different from what we are used to. Their African players will be even more dangerous in their own stadium. We cannot play at a draw and only from behind, that would be a huge risk with such a team. We simply have to get a result that will keep us in the league,” said Zlín coach Pavel Vrba.

Pardubice in Příbram saved the post twice in the first half. After the change of sides, the fourteenth team of the top league dominated and with two goals came significantly closer to retention. The East Bohemians, including two preparatory duels, defeated the team from Lithuania five times in a row.

Pardubice relies on the home environment, where they have won three of the last four matches. Overall, the East Bohemians won three competitive duels in a row. “It's only the first step, nothing is finished. We mustn't underestimate even a millimeter. We have to watch out for Příbram's standards, they have the players for it. We are stronger at home, we will have our fans behind us. We will definitely play to win,” said the coach from Pardubice Radoslav Kováč.

Příbram, which in the 2018/19 season managed the play-off as a first league team, has significantly moved away from its dream return to the elite after two years. But the third team of the second highest competition still wants to try to dramatize the double match.

“Perhaps we deserved a more acceptable result in the rematch. We will certainly not go to Pardubice surrendering. Even better teams failed to win there by two goals, the situation is critical. But it's only two goals and it's still football,” said Příbram's assistant coach Roman Bednář .

“It would be nice if we scored the first goal and dramatized it. But again, we can't open it completely, that would be water to the mill for Pardubice. Up-down football would suit them,” he added.


Both matches kick off on Sunday at 17:00.

Statistical data before the return matches of the tie for participation in the 1st league:

FK Pardubice (14th in the first league) – Viagem Příbram (3rd in the second league)

Kick-off: Sunday, June 4, 17:00.

First match: 2:0.

Referees: Zelinka – Váňa, Hurych – Szikszay (video).

< p>Balance in the league: 2 2-0-0 2:0.

Expected lineups:

Pardubice: Markovič – Icha, Hranáč, Vlček, Chlumecký – Darmovzal – Sychra, Hlavatý, Janošek, Pikul – Černý.

Příbram: Melichar – Jahič, Sakala, Fišl – Vokřínek, Petrák, Švestka, Dudl – Zeronik, Šajch – Wágner.

< p>Absence: Kostka, Mareš, Solil (all injured), Nita (uncertain start) – Jeřábek, Surmaj (both injured).

Best scorers in this league season: Janošek (8) – Wágner (17).

Interesting facts:

– Pardubice have won and not conceded in the last 3 competitive matches against each other, they have won 1:0 in both previous first league duels with Příbramí

– Pardubice beat Příbram 3:0 in preparation in January, then 2:1 in June last year

– Pardubice took 14th place in the first league, Příbram finished third in the second league

< p>– Pardubice are playing in the first league of the 3rd season and have not been relegated yet

– Příbram was last in the top competition in the 2020/21 season

– Příbram played a play-off in the 2018/19 season, when against Brno defended their first league membership

– Pardubice won 4 of the last 5 matches and won 3 times in a row

– Pardubice won 3 of the last 4 home matches

– Příbram lost after 5 matches on Thursday

– Příbram won only one of the last 5 matches away from home in the league, but did not lose 3 times in a row there

MFK Vyškov (2nd in the second league) – Trinity Zlín (15th in the first league)

Kick-off: Sunday, June 4, 17:00.

First match: 0:1.

Referee: Berka – Nádvorník, Hájek – Orel (video).

Balance in the league: -.

Expected lineups: > Kolář, Reiter – Didiba, Hrubý – Vukadinovič, Slončík, Fantiš – Balaj.

Absence: none – Hlinka, Kozák, Tkáč (all injured), Hloušek (club decision).

Best scorers in this league season: Kanakimana (14) – Kozák (5).

Interesting facts:

– the teams have not yet met in the first league, they played together 3 times in the domestic cup and Vyškov won 2 times (last year in the round of 16 in Zlín)

– Vyškov finished second in the second league, Zlín took 15th place in the first league

– Vyškov strives for premier promotion to the first league

– Zlín plays continuously in the first league since the 2015/16 season, last relegated in 2009

– Vyškov lost on Thursday after 7 matches and did not score twice in a row

– Vyškov did not lose 5 times in a row at home

< p>– Vyškov plays home matches in Drnovice

– Zlín has not lost 4 times in a row (including 3 wins) and has not conceded in the last 2 matches

– Zlín has lost only one of the last 4 matches away from home , but in the league he won in only one of the last 32 duels there

– coach Vyškova Kameník coached Zlín in the past