WarioWare: Get It Together!  – First impressions awaiting the review

WarioWare: Get It Together! – First impressions awaiting the review

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WarioWare: Get It Together!  – First impressions awaiting the review

Bizarre and weird, Wario he is certainly one of the most peculiar characters of the team Nintendo, both for the way it is characterized, and for the games in which it is often the protagonist. Beyond the appearances that can be found in the most disparate genres, it is difficult to separate his mustachioed face from the collections of minigames that, from 2003 onwards, have always cheered the line up of the various consoles of the Kyoto house. A portfolio that is preparing to be fleshed out soon thanks to WarioWare: Get It Together!, coming out next September 10 and of which a free demo is available on Nintendo Switch. Demo that I will try to tell you briefly, waiting for our review.

The gaming world is a really dark world, an industry that hides a cloudy side behind its apparent light-heartedness, in which exploitation of the workforce e periods of extreme crunch are on the agenda. No, I am not referring at all to the news that, more and more frequently, are shaking the waters of the sector. The note in question refers to the thin narrative substrate that starts the demo of WarioWare: Get It Together!, and who will see our evil alter ego of the world’s most famous plumber end up being sucked, together with the employees of his software house, into the game they have hardly made. A comic and funny incipit that will simply give the there to the shooting action that has always distinguished the series, and which through a handful of minigames (of the more than 200 available in the final release), will allow us to give a brief taste of the hilarious madness that distinguishes the gameplay of the production.

As tradition dictates, it will be possible to try your hand in both single and multiplayer game, both locally (using the two Joy-Con) and by means of two separate consoles connected wirelessly. Whatever the choice, what will not change will be the backbone of the experience, which will put us in front of a series of randomly chosen rounds, in which we will be asked to complete simple tasks within the small time limit.

WarioWare: Get It Together!  – First impressions awaiting the review

The goals tested in the demo turned out to be extremely varied and crazy, and they will understand the duty depilate a man’s armpits, hypnotize a figure, locate a wanted person and much more. All of which can be counted on a comic characterization in perfect Japanese style, which in many cases can only bring to mind some suggestions of the madman Keita Takahashi(Katamary Damacy, Nobi Nobi Boy, Wattam). Minimal and colorful, the scene will act as the right corollary to the frenetic game action, which we will have to learn to read quickly, so as to adapt it to the skills of the character we will be called to control.

Yes, because before each round we will be randomly assigned one of the characters available on the roster, and everyone will be endowed with peculiar abilities, whether they are active or simple movement: Wario he can, for example, jump and use his shoulders to destroy obstacles, while Mona he will be able to move only by throwing his own boomerang. Many different approaches that will force us to face screens in an ever-different way, characterized by an increasing difficulty embodied by the increase in speed: failing a goal will mean losing one of the available lives which, once finished, will lead to the game over.

Far from the complexity of other productions, WarioWare: Get It Together! represents the quintessence of party games, given the way in which he manages to put on the plate an experience that is as immediate as it is fun. The demo has already managed to effectively outline what should be the offer of the complete package, the classic hit and run title capable of entertaining from five minutes to hours, whether you play alone or (above all) in company. It is undeniable, in fact, that crossing the controllers with another human ends up giving everything that extra boost, capable of extending the overall longevity considerably. The general offer, however, seems fairly varied to ensure good entertainment even for the most solitary types, but for all the definitive impressions we can not help but postpone the judgment to the full review.

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