“We like the lepers”, the Lion Leshchenko was diagnosed with Covid-19

“We like the lepers”, the Lion Leshchenko was diagnosed with Covid-19 Author: Alexander Bugaev Lev Leshchenko was diagnosed with Covid-19 Photos: twitter.com/amisraelhayhot1 COVID-19 Coronavirus Leshchenko news pandemic Russia Russia «Мы как прокаженные»: у Льва Лещенко диагностировали Covid-19

The people’s artist of the RSFSR 78-year-old Lev Leshchenko confirmed coronavirus. He arrived at the hospital in Kommunarka with his wife 24 Mar.

Pop singer flew in from the US with symptoms of SARS on 11 March, and his condition was rapidly deteriorating. Concert Director Leshchenko Oleg Dmitriyev told the publication “Podem” that doctors for a long time refused to come to the singer on a call. According to him, they treated the sick, “like a leper”.

“The first couple of days, just looking at the condition, and then tried to call the doctor, but silence. We like the lepers – to us nobody went. They are afraid of. Try to say that you are from abroad come back, they will not immediately come. Maybe they have nothing to go, I don’t know.”

Now a woman is in intensive care hospital in Kommunarka.

Initially, the artist was diagnosed with pneumonia. In the end, the couple took a sample for coronavirus. Today it became known that the diagnosis Covid-19 was confirmed. About it reports “Central Board”. The virus has caused problems with the functioning of the lungs, on the background of what developed bilateral pneumonia.

The condition of the singer’s doctors estimate as heavy and do not make predictions about his recovery. Both spouses are at risk because they have more than 60 years.

According to the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) on March 26, Russia officially confirmed 840 cases of infection with coronavirus, including 3 fatalities. 38 the Russians are considered to be recovered.

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