“Weak and fragile” – new worries about Princess Charlène of Monaco

“Weak and fragile” – new worries about Princess Charlène of Monaco

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“Weak and fragile” – new worries about Princess Charlène of Monaco

Updated: 09/06/202117:31

The state of health of Princess Charlène of Monaco worries many fans. Now a relative speaks out.

Monaco – Charlène von Monaco continues to make headlines. The princess recently had to be admitted to a hospital in South Africa because she had previously had health problems in her lodge north of Durban. According to consistent media reports, this was due to complications after her surgery several weeks ago. This was necessary due to an ENT infection and was performed under general anesthesia.

She was then treated in a clinic. Her family finally visited her after several days. Princess Charlène was “very happy”, as she emphasized.

Princess Charlène von Monaco – spokeswoman gives details of the state of health

Meanwhile, Charlène has been released from the hospital. Chantell Wittstock, spokeswoman for her royal foundation and Charlène’s sister-in-law, has now given new details about the princess’s state of health. Wittstock denied to the German press agency that it had been a “collapse”. “It wasn’t a breakdown. The healing just wasn’t making the progress the doctors had hoped for, ”the spokeswoman said.

Princess Charlène of Monaco. (Archive photo)

© Peter Seyfferth / Imago Images

A denial that, according to another source, falls short. The South African news portal News24.com reported a voice from Charlène’s environment, who assessed the situation as more problematic. “She is currently very weak and fragile from her last operation,” the anonymous source said in the report.

Charlène von Monaco: Princess recuperates with the family

Princess Charlène is currently supposed to relax with “friends and family”. However, this is not about her husband Albert and the two six-year-old children Jacques and Gabriella. You are now back in France. There have also been numerous rumors about the marriage between Charlène and Albert in recent weeks – largely fueled by statements made by one of the Prince’s aunties. (do)