Weapon of Choice DX is now available on Xbox

Weapon of Choice DX is now available on Xbox

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Weapon of Choice DX is now available on Xbox

Weapons, invasions and crazy creatures are just some of the things that await us in Weapon of Choice DX, which is already available in Xbox. This side scrolling action adventure game created by Mommy’s Best Games It will tell us the story of a world that has been invaded by horrible creatures.

On Weapon of Choice DX we will have to run and fight with strange creatures that have plagued the world, appearing even from the smallest of corners. Our mission will be to destroy them and believe me, it will be a lot of fun to see these aliens fall one after one.

Weapon of Choice DX is now available on Xbox Series X | S

Weapon of Choice DX offers us various levels that branch out dynamically. It will also have an intriguing story that will keep us entertained, thanks to its multiple endings. In order to defend ourselves we will have to climb the walls or use the automated Spiderpack that will allow us to attack from anywhere.

All the characters of Weapon of Choice DX They have a weapon that we can select from a wide repertoire. Among them are jet engine cannons, limpet grenades, plasma saws, among others. All this will be of great use to us to rescue the other characters who will be in danger and thus we can accumulate lives.

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The game has a peculiar way when we defeat our enemies, unlike other traditional games where we defeat the enemies with a single hit, in Weapon of Choice DX We will have to try deadly brushing to get out of trouble and enjoy the combat.

You can find Weapon of Choice DX available in the Microsoft Store At a price of € 5.99.