Weather  Helsinki’s summer to become the hottest in the entire history of measurement – However, there may be a &#82

Weather Helsinki’s summer to become the hottest in the entire history of measurement – However, there may be a &#82

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Weather  Helsinki’s summer to become the hottest in the entire history of measurement – However, there may be a &#82

The simple graphics reveal the exceptional nature of the constant heat.

On Friday Helsinki has almost sighed with relief as morning temperatures have remained closer to 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

However, the July forecasts point to a continuation of heatwaves. A real record summer is underway.

“In Kaisaniemi, the average temperature of the first half of the summer may rise to more than 20 degrees, which would be the highest in the entire measurement history of Kaisaniemi,” says a Finnish Meteorological Institute researcher Mika Rantanen.

The graphics shared by Rantanen’s messaging service on Twitter clearly show how exceptional the hot summer temperatures look in the time series.

The heat readings forecast for next week are causing warmer and warmer weather, so breaking records is very likely.

Already History was made in Kaisaniemi in June, as last month was the highest in Kaisaniemi in the history of measuring average temperatures.

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According to Rantanen, the heat pipe, which lasted for almost a month, is exceptional in Finland’s varying weather.

“With climate change, temperatures are on the rise and it is assumed that it is precisely the heat records that will break. In Finland, however, the weather and climate vary greatly. ”

According to statistics from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the highest heat peaks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area were experienced in Nuuksio, Espoo, on June 27, and in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, on July 1.

In both, the temperature hurt to 27.6 degrees.

Longer according to the weather forecast, there will be enough hot air for the whole of July. However, Rantanen would also consider it possible that a small dip in the cooler may be promised towards the end of next week.

If not yet next week, then somewhere the temperatures will have to drop, Rantanen says and speculates.

“Will there be a dull drop at some point that ends up in colder than average weather? Even heat waves cannot last longer. ”

However, the unpredictability of the atmosphere makes forecasting difficult, as there are no regular mechanisms for weather type variation.

hot and dry hot summers may be an increasing phenomenon if the predicted consequences of climate change materialize.

“Climate change is a global phenomenon and currently the rise in temperature is taking place practically all over the globe,” Rantanen explains.

Climate change is projected to increase extreme weather events, as can long-term heat waves.

In Finland, such long and hot heat periods are exceptional. At the same time, Canada, for example, is suffering from heat and drought caused by heat.

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According to Rantanen, there is no real reason to explain everything to Finland’s record heat. A warm high-pressure area has stumbled upon Finland, and there seems to be no hurry for anything.