Well-known car rental company mocks Baerbock in advertising – and donates huge sums to CSU

Well-known car rental company mocks Baerbock in advertising – and donates huge sums to CSU

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Well-known car rental company mocks Baerbock in advertising – and donates huge sums to CSU

Updated: 07/11/202121:31

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Annalena Baerbock is now the subject of a campaign – but an advertising campaign. The ridicule comes shortly after a large donation to the CSU.

Berlin / Pullach near Munich – The term “campaign” has meanwhile mutated into a sensitive catchphrase in the Bundestag election campaign. Now one cares AdvertisingCampaign on the net for excitement: The rental car giant Sixt, based in Upper Bavaria, is targeting Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock in a new advertising motif. The Greens are by no means the first victims of the commercial from Pullach near Munich. But a party donation that became public almost at the same time seems to give the matter a problematic dimension for some critics.

Annalena Baerbock: Green candidate now also earns commercials – under the hashtag “Plagiarism”

In its latest advertisement, Sixt refers to the plagiarism debate about Baerbock that has been smoldering for days. “You don’t like to use your own?” Is written on the motif – next to it you can see a chancellor candidate with a rather disgruntled and disconcerted look and a model of a large southwest German car manufacturer. The rental car provider itself tagged its tweets about the advertising image with the hashtag “#Plagiat”.

For this, it sometimes used five-digit like numbers in the short message service – but also outraged reactions. Users wrote under the post of “Hetze” and sometimes even announced that they would no longer rent from Sixt in the future. The well-known Jung von Matt agency is responsible for the Sixt campaigns. In 2017 she was also responsible for the CDU Bundestag election campaign.

Proponents of the advertising campaign now refer to a long tradition of ridiculing politicians at the rental car provider. In the past, for example, the FDP was a target after leaving the Bundestag in 2013: “More seats than the FDP” was an ad for a rental car. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had already come into focus – with mockery of her hairstyle and the tip to rent a convertible for a windy new styling. With the then AfD boss Alexander Gauland, Sixt already referred to a violent current shit storm.

Sixt commercial for Baerbock: major donation to the CSU published shortly before

Sixt cannot be accused of one-sided fixation on the Greens. On the other hand, some observers found a large donation that was only made public shortly before the start of the campaign: The Bundestag instructs A major donation from Sixt announced on July 6th – the CSU received from Sixt € 121,381.16. In view of the odd amount, this may not be as a money transfer, but in the form of in kind, i.e. rental car usage, as some Twitter users speculate.

However, green leaders did not go into the ridicule – unlike the original plagiarism allegations – at the weekend. The large-scale boycott campaign against Sixt, criticized by the party’s critics, was initially not to be found on Twitter. Rather, the North Rhine-Westphalian Green Member of the State Parliament, Norwich Rüße, seemed to be formulating an unspoken party consensus: “Let’s see it this way: if you can do Sixt, you can also be a Chancellor! And you just have to be able to endure such an advertisement … ”he tweeted. However: the latest polls by the Greens did not point to an approaching chancellorship.

Baerbock and Greens in the crossfire of the election campaign: Scholz finds criticism “a little exaggerated”

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz also commented on the excitement surrounding Baerbock at the weekend. He had decided for himself, “never to perceive harsh criticism of me or my party as a campaign,” said Scholz of the dpa. Everyone makes mistakes and the election campaign is looked at very carefully, said Scholz. “Nevertheless, I find the criticism in the case of Ms. Baerbock a bit exaggerated.” After the plagiarism allegations became known, representatives of other parties of the Greens jumped in.

The Greens themselves want to go on the offensive on Monday – with their own campaign. At 2 p.m., the election campaign manager and Federal Political Director Michael Kellner wants to present the election campaign efforts in an online press conference. The campaign will be “fresh and optimistic, with a clear focus on the great challenges of our time,” said Kellner of the daily newspaper taz. (fn)