What are Fan Tokens, the digital currency that Lionel Messi will collect at PSG

What are Fan Tokens, the digital currency that Lionel Messi will collect at PSG

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What are Fan Tokens, the digital currency that Lionel Messi will collect at PSG

Leo Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) includes “Fan Tokens”. When the news broke, many wondered what this is and what can be done with them: it is a digital asset on the blockchain “Chiliz $ CHZ” and allows fans to access a wide range of benefits linked to clubs and organizations.

PSG said that the inclusion of Fan Tokens is to “create an immediate link” between the player and the millions of fans around the world. But beyond these formal explanations, the truth is that it is another huge football business, this time related to this particular currency.

The Fan Tokens they are digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. They can be exchanged for other goods such as VIP experiences, official merchandise, tickets, t-shirts and more.

To acquire Fan Tokens, as well as speculate and exchange them freely, you need an exchange (digital exchange platform for digital currencies and cryptocurrencies) that is authorized to operate with them, such as Binance.

Fan Tokens, like all digital assets, are stored in a virtual wallet.

What must also be clarified that it is not an invention of PSG: it is something that has already been happening in the world of sport. In fact, PSG is one of more than 40 football teams (Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Milan, Manchester City, among others) that use Fan Tokens. With the arrival of Messi to the club, its price soared even exceeding 1,200 million dollars in its volume of exchanges.

Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is the first to have Fan Tokens at this level: “PSG reaps the fruits of its innovative approach and I am convinced that it will be the beginning of a new trend whereby Fan Tokens and partners.com will play an increasingly important role at the highest sporting level, “said Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus in the club’s statement.

In Argentina the trend has not yet become widespread, but in some clubs like Leandro N. Alem, in Primera C, their youth will be paid with cryptocurrencies.

An antecedent that could bring even closer the world of financial technology to Argentine sports.

Messi received a bonus

Messi, in his first training session with PSG. Photo EFE

To pamper him a little more, Messi received an extra of these digital coins. “In a pioneering step on a world scale for such a high profile contract, Leo Messi received a lot of PSG fan tokens“Paris Saint Germain announced from their official channels.

The Parisian club did not specify the amount of tokens that the new number 30 received from the team led by Mauricio Pochettino, but this cryptocurrency had a growth in value since the arrival of the Argentine.

According to the DPA news agency, the PSG token was changed this European noon to 41.11 dollars, although on Monday it had a ceiling of almost 50 dollars.

The company that manages these tokens is Socios.com, the same one that sponsors the current 2021 tournament of the Professional Football League and the Argentine team.

Meanwhile, Messi and his teammates from Paris Saint Germain trained this Friday under the watchful eye of the public and the press for 15 minutes at the Camp Des Loges sports center, located 40 kilometers from Paris, doing jogging and light exercises. , plus a tactical rehearsal behind closed doors.