What are the byproducts of healthy men

What by-products have a positive impact potency in men, as well as on health and figure, told by the dietician Elena Solomatina.

Какие субпродукты полезны для здоровья мужчин

According to her, the composition of by-products is very different, because it is the animal organs that have different functions. So, in the internal organs contain high amount of protein and vitamins.

For example, the kidneys contain a lot of zinc, which supports reproductive function, increases the potency in men, improves the growth of nails and hair. The liver is the storehouse of vitamin D and vitamin A. Especially rich in micronutrients calf or beef liver, but good and chicken liver.

— Particularly useful beef heart, it contains a lot of magnesium and coenzyme Q10. This substance restores the oxidative reaction at cellular level increases metabolism, strengthens the heart muscle, tones muscles, improves immunity and slows aging, — said the expert.

However, the use of by-products need to comply with the measure, because they, like all animal products contain cholesterol.

Strange to many cow udders, lips and scar contain collagen and elastin, beneficial for improved joint function and strengthen cartilage tissues.

In delicatessen, for example, in the brain, may contain parasites. It is dangerous. In addition, the brain has a huge amount of cholesterol is a fat product, — warned the expert.

According to physicians, half of all men over 40 years old sooner or later faced with erectile dysfunction. However, impotence “younger” every year: the doctor comes to the middle-aged and even young men. Experts explain this situation by changing lifestyles (reduced physical activity, unbalanced diet) and environmental conditions.

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