What are the highlights of the final statement after the tripartite summit on the Palestinian issue?

What are the highlights of the final statement after the tripartite summit on the Palestinian issue?

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What are the highlights of the final statement after the tripartite summit on the Palestinian issue?

The summit dealt with the contacts and recent moves made by the three countries at the regional and international levels, especially those aiming at Creating a real political horizon to restore effective efforts to resolve the conflict on the basis of the two-state solution.

According to the final statement, Sisi and King Abdullah II affirmed the centrality of the Palestinian issue, the first Arab issue, and the firm positions of Egypt and Jordan in supporting the brotherly Palestinian people and their just and legitimate rights, foremost of which is their right to embody their independent, sovereign state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with its capital. East Jerusalem, in accordance with international law, relevant international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

He directed the responsible leaders in the three countries to work together to develop a vision to activate efforts to resume negotiations, and to work with brothers and partners for the peace process, in accordance with the approved terms of reference.

The leaders also affirmed their rejection of “the illegal Israeli measures that undermine the two-state solution and threaten the chances of achieving peace in the region, including the construction and expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the confiscation of land, the demolition of homes and the displacement of Palestinians from their homes, and they stressed in this context the need to respect the rights of the Sheikh’s people.” surgeons at home.

The statement continued: “The leaders stressed the need to preserve the historical and legal status quo in Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites and reject all practices aimed at compromising this situation. and Christianity.”

The leaders welcomed the efforts made by the Arab Republic of Egypt to stabilize the truce and reconstruction in the Gaza Strip, and called on the international community to exert its efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the Strip, by participating in the reconstruction efforts, and urged Israel to respond to the basic and humanitarian needs of the people of the Strip in line with its responsibilities in accordance with international law.

The Egyptian and Palestinian presidents and the Jordanian monarch stressed the importance of continuing to work to achieve Palestinian national reconciliation, and they consulted on the ideas put forward in this context, stressing the importance of all Palestinian parties responding to the efforts made by Egypt and upholding the higher interest of the Palestinian people.

They also stressed the importance of the international community continuing to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and the need to provide the financial support it needs to maintain its ability to provide vital services to Palestinian refugees in accordance with its UN mandate.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the leaders agreed to hold the next summit in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at a time to be determined later.

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