What do they do, not going! Some of the signs expected a tough weekend — astrologer

Unpleasant events do not give these Zodiacs to relax and unwind.

Что они ни делают, не идут дела! У каких знаков ожидается трудные выходные — астролог

Not only working life can be difficult, a series of unpleasant events can overtake and on weekends. As if the zodiac was not trying to relax, but some problems are not going to allow them to relax in full measure. Blame not only stars, but also the circumstances, the fault which turned out to be the zodiac personally. Some of the Zodiacs are expected to be a tough weekend, said the astrologer.

Capricorn, Aries, Gemini and Libra under the gun unpleasant household conflicts and failures. They may even seem like the universe has turned against them and gives them a full weekend, but it’s not. The astrologer notes that the search problem at its very root, namely, the behavior of characters in the past week. Maybe they decided to take on too much of what is at the shoulders. Work will find a way to get to these signs on the weekend that can become a cause of stress and frequent breakdowns. Also the zodiac would have to remember who they were able to hurt a bad word in the last days. Retribution like a boomerang to haunt characters in the weekend.

What do they do, not going! We are not talking about the curse and about cherednoe black stripe. The astrologer in a hurry to calm the signs and notes that it will end as quickly as it had begun. This means that on Monday representatives of the characters will be able to upgrade and start your week without the painful worries and with a clear head.

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