What if… ?, chapter 1: summary and all the details of the first episode

What if… ?, chapter 1: summary and all the details of the first episode

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What if… ?, chapter 1: summary and all the details of the first episode

What if…? is the MCU’s first animated series to explore the multiverse unleashed in the Loki series. The first chapter asks: what would have happened if Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers during WWII?

Much expectation has been formed by the creative possibilities that the program has in its hands. Now that the episode has been released, we tell you everything that happened and the details that you may have missed.

“Reality is not a straight line. Every moment that passes is an opportunity for a new branch, a new variation. In fact, there are more realities than you can possibly imagine: an infinite number of What if? ”, Are the words with which Uatu ‘The Observer’ introduces us to this alternate world.

Immediately, we are placed in the events of the movie Captain America, but with the difference that anticipates the premise of the episode: Peggy Carter obtains the powers of Captain America, while Steve Rogers takes the position of a retro Iron Man with the Hydra Stomper armor. .

Unlike the original version, Captain Carter is not used as propaganda and her ability was slow to be recognized by her superiors just for being a woman.

After this, he proves his worth in battle against the Nazis and the Red Skull himself. In addition, he coordinates a clandestine plan with Howard Stark to recover the Tesseract from the villain.

What no one expected is that Red Skull uses the powerful object to open a portal to bring a creature from another dimension. During the battle, Peggy sacrifices herself to stop the threat and is transported to the future by the portal.

In this new time, meet Hawkeye and Nick Fury. They explain that many decades have passed since their confrontation and that they won the war. Now he joins the Avengers to surely become their leader.

Howard Stark had a greater relevance in history. Not only did he make the Vibranium shield and improved outfit for Captain Carter, but he also makes Steve Rogers armor that would be more ahead of its time than we might think.

As for Rogers and Bucky, it is presumed that both lived a quiet life after the Second World War. The first one remained with the memory of his beloved, but he did not lose his friendship with his companion free from any Hydra influence.