What if Ronaldo were the best new signing?  Here because

What if Ronaldo were the best new signing? Here because

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What if Ronaldo were the best new signing?  Here because

From Allegri’s expectations to his debut with Barcelona, ​​passing through a troubled summer. “Normalization” and the desire for redemption will be decisive ingredients

A summer at the most, indeed no. But the trend may already have reversed. And Ronaldo could become the best “new signing” for a Juve that has already strengthened, even without major market exploits to date. Inter’s turnaround is in fact already a prelude to a less extreme dualism in the competitive season that is about to begin, in which there will certainly be Atalanta of wonders, but also a handful of teams that are changing their skin, starting from ‘trainer. Juve, on the other hand, in addition to Allegri’s return, could have a “new” Ronaldo: not only the usual goal machine, in short, but also a new beacon capable of illuminating the team. From inside, this time, and not just from above.

Summer is ending

A European in a lower tone than expected, after the victory of Portugal in the previous edition, many market rumors and not only that have chased each other since last May, with some doubts raised about the personal data rather than the football ones and some perplexity regarding the degree of its usefulness to team reason, weighing i on the two scales plus and minus of the bulky luggage of the Portuguese champion. To follow, the waltz of the rumor of the market, from the romantic idea of ​​his return to Sporting Lisbon, to the unrealistic one of a re-engagement on the Real train, to the already more plausible one of the United option up to the “cradled” one not long ago to wear a Parisian shirt. Yes, because it seems that Ronaldo (and with him the prosecutor Mendes) had made more than one thought, before Messi definitively shattered the dream. A dream that, according to As, could only be postponed: the galactic intentions of Sheikh Al-Khelaifi would in fact provide for the arrival of CR7 at PSG as well at the end of the season, in a scenario in which Mbappé would bid farewell (on a free transfer) and Ronaldo would compose with Messi and Neymar a space trident.

Ready Set Go

Returning to reality, after a summer without any explicit declaration by Ronaldo relating to his future and his intentions, the news of the last month saw him first recuperate on long holidays on a boat with his family, widely documented on social media, then to return to Turin on time, publishing stories and posts of his training almost daily. As if to show that he will let the field speak, for him at this moment a megaphone more powerful than explicit declarations. And the rest is presumed to be his great desire for redemption, after a tormented summer, as well as the infinite, cannibalistic fame of trophies (and records) that has always animated him.

Allegri dixit

And just a “normalization” of Ronaldo is among the objectives of Allegri, who already in his first press conference was very clear in describing his expectations regarding CR7: “He is a great champion and an intelligent boy. On his return we talked , as I have done with the others. I told him that this is an important year and I am happy to see him again. He will have a greater responsibility than three years ago, because at the time there were players with more experience. I expect a lot from him on this level, as a mature man he is. He is back with great motivation and stimuli and with Chiellini and Bonucci he can be a model for his teammates “. And if Allegri’s design goes through, Ronaldo will truly be Juve’s best signing. The first signs in this sense were encouraging: in the debut-running-in against Barcelona he showed a willingness to defensive retreats and an aggression on the opponent’s ball carrier never seen before, tangible demonstration that Allegri’s words made inroads. And if a good morning starts in the morning …

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