What If: Who is Peggy Carter and why is she Captain Britain?

What If: Who is Peggy Carter and why is she Captain Britain?

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What If: Who is Peggy Carter and why is she Captain Britain?

Peggy Carter is a female character with thousands of fans among all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She stands out as a spy; In addition, she is the founder of SHIELD (Certified Intelligence, Espionage, Logistics, and Defense System). In this note you will be able to learn more details about her and her performance in Marvel and What if, which has already premiered its first episode online.

Who is Peggy Carter?

Peggy Carter is much more than the girlfriend of the acclaimed Steve Rogers: She is a founding agent of SHIELD, and she went on to save scientist Abraham Erskine, creator of the super-soldier serum, in the 1940s. She met Steve Rogers while developing the Rebirth experiment. , and following Rogers’ disappearance in Red Skull’s final attack, she seeks to trap and destroy Hydra in the Agent Carter series.

His exploits include destroying the Roxxon refineries, thwarting Howard Stark’s kidnapping attempt, and working side by side with Hank Pym, the first Ant Man. In 2012 he resigned from SHIELD, and before he died he was able to meet his beloved. Steve Rogers.

In What if we will see that Peggy Carter takes the place of Rogers in the Renaissance plan, and thus prevents Captain America from existing; at the same time, she becomes Captain Carter. In the first chapter of said series, she will be summoned to test the soil.

Why is Peggy Carter considered Captain Britain?

Not only can this be perceived in the uniform he wears, but it is also made noticeable by defeating the Red Skull, and by considerably varying the multiverse. Also, we can see her fight Red Skull with a sword in a medieval castle. She is part of the select group of Captains Britannia along with Captain Albion, Captain UK, Crusader X and Spider UK.

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