What is said on social networks about the arrival of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus in Argentina

What is said on social networks about the arrival of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus in Argentina

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What is said on social networks about the arrival of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus in Argentina

With the 614 new fatal cases registered in the last hours in Argentina, the country reached the chilling figure of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus. Social networks were the platform to channel anguish, complaints, anger and criticism.

From the opposition the figure – which Alberto Fernández used as a measure of comparison in a phrase now well remembered – messages sprouted with questions about the government health policy and the delay in the arrival of vaccines.

One of the first to speak was the radical deputy Mario Negri who assured that this day is about a day of mourning for the country: “The Covid-19 pandemic took the lives of 100,000 Argentines. It is a painful balance that puts Argentina in the worst world indicators“.

President of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) bloc and the Together for Change Interblock, he also left a section for the ruling party: “I hope the government will let itself be helped so that we avoid that the tragedy is greater, “he said and concluded with the hashtag Un Minute of silence.

The President of PRO and former Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich chose to post a strong picture and no words. His message was a totally dark photo, as a sign of mourning. He also changed his profile picture and covered it with the same black image.

Another deputy, also from radicalism, Luis petri, left his opinion and harshly punished the Fernández government: “Unfortunately we exceeded 100,000 deaths in the country, with only 11% of the population vaccinated for the disability of a government to obtain vaccines and in the when they were scarce he stole them“.

Meanwhile, the former governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, harshly punished the President and recalled the President’s phrase: “The account of the government of @alferdez was that preferred 10 percent more poor and not 100,000 dead. Today sadly we reached both figures. They did not know how to manage the quarantine or vaccines to avoid this tragedy.

Who also spoke about it was the television host Horacio Cabak -very critical of Kirchnerism- who instead of words chose to make an analogy with numbers: “100,000 dead. 1 resignation“, he stated in relation to the resignation of the former Minister of Health, Ginés González García when the scandal over the VIP vaccination broke out.

“100,000 stories that could continue to be told if they had brought all the available vaccines. Dark day in Argentina. # 100milmuertos, “wrote the deputy Jimena de la Torre,

The vast majority of the messages were criticized for the delay and lack of foresight when buying vaccines and also for some of the health policies that the Government decided to try to stop the advance of the pandemito.

“The chilling figure of # 100 thousand killed by covid, shows the failure of governments who managed the pandemic putting the interests of laboratories first, adjustment to health and working people, to pay private speculators and the IMF, “said Nicolás del Caño, deputy and leader of the Left Front.

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