What is Tíanube doing, the online ‘showroom’ that became the new Argentine unicorn

What is Tíanube doing, the online ‘showroom’ that became the new Argentine unicorn

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What is Tíanube doing, the online ‘showroom’ that became the new Argentine unicorn

Tíanube, the Argentine company that this Tuesday became the twelfth Argentine unicorn, falls into the category of ecommerce sites such as Mercado Libre. But unlike the giant founded by Marcos Galperin, what they do is provide the service to other companies: “It’s like your store on the street or your showroom, but on the internet “, they explain.

Founded by Santiago Sosa, the platform offers the tools to develop online sales portals and sites, which is very useful for small merchants. “Brands want to have direct contact with the consumer, without intermediaries, and control of the entire operation, “explains Sosa.

“Tíanube offers a technological ecommerce solution designed so that micro, small, medium and large companies can create their own self-managed online store, without technical knowledge. Creating a store in Tíanube is like having a store on the street, or a showroom, but on the Internet ”, explains the company.

“From the administrator of the online store, merchants can customize the design of the site and put their products for sale. The solution also helps them increase their internet sales through applications and online marketing tools integrated into stores”, They add.

How does it work

Santiago Sosa, co-founder and CEO of Trendenube.

The site works with a fairly simple login: TANNUBE takes care not only of the hosting but also of the security of the application: it is, they explain “so that you do not have to install or update anything and that your focus is on your business and not on things. techniques ”.

To register, just have an email, “something to sell and interesting photographs of what you sell,” they explain.

The store accepts a wide variety of currenciess: all the currencies of Latin America, plus dollar and euro.

Founded 10 years ago, the technology company led by Santiago Sosa received US $ 500 million from various funds and reached a valuation of US $ 3.1 billion. It is the highest private capitalization in the country, which makes it the 12th Argentine unicorn.

Sosa, a 34-year-old engineer, graduated from ITBA, says that Trendenube has more than 90,000 users / clients (SMEs, entrepreneurs and large brands), including Billabong, Rasti, Lucerna and Kirchen Aid.

So far this year, Tíanube is the 6th unicorn created in Argentina or by Argentines abroad.

At the end of last week he joined the Ualá club.

The new unicorn

What is Tíanube doing, the online ‘showroom’ that became the new Argentine unicorn

Tendenube, the ecommerce site for third parties. Photo Tendenube

“With this new investment, we will reinforce our mission to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship throughout Latin America, ensuring that any business can sell in the digital world,” said the CEO and co-founder of the company, Santiago Sosa.

On the part of investors, the director of Insight Partners, Matt Gatto, remarked that “with 650 million consumers, Latin America is not only a huge market, it is the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. “

The platform has more than 90,000 marks, dand of which half are in Argentina, and correspond to “entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, family businesses, SMEs, which have grown very rapidly in recent months due to the context,” Sosa said in dialogue with Télam.

In the future, “going public is going to be a consequence of doing things well, we have no plans for the short term, it could happen in the next five years,” he added to a query from Telam.

Regarding the situation of the electronic commerce market, Sosa pointed out that “at a global level there is a revolution in which the SME takes center stage, because it wants to sell directly to the consumer, without losing its identity, its brand.”

The company’s forecast is to add more than 1,500 employees in the region by the end of 2022, with the aim of assembling work teams in each country in which they operate.

“Today we are 900 people, of which 450 are in Argentina, and we believe that we can continue to grow and be about 5,000 in the next five years,” added Sosa.

Specifically, the company’s objective is to “triple the volume of applications integrated to the platform over the next 18 months, to guarantee more variety and competitive advantages. in order for customers to choose the most convenient solutions for their business “.