What solution is the United States considering to evacuate more Afghan refugees?

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What solution is the United States considering to evacuate more Afghan refugees?

The Sky News channel, quoting the British Ministry of Defense, reported that 7 people were killed in a crowd near Kabul airport amid chaos as thousands gathered to try to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country.

And Sky News reported that the Ministry of Defense said in a statement: “The situation on the ground remains extremely difficult, but we are doing our best to manage the situation as safely and securely as possible.”

Thousands of Afghans wishing to leave the country flocked to Hamid Karzai Airport, a few days ago, killing a number of people and wounding others, as a result of the stampede and shootings inside and around the airport.

Commercial planes to transport Afghan refugees

For its part, the administration of US President Joe Biden is considering inviting US commercial airlines to provide planes and crews, to help transport Afghan refugees once they are evacuated from their country by military aircraft.

The US Transportation Command said in a statement Saturday that the Pentagon has not approved or ordered any activation of the role of commercial airlines as permitted under the “Civilian Air Reserve Fleet” program, which adds support to the capacity of military aircraft during crises related to national defense.

However, the Transportation Command said it issued a warning order to US airlines, Friday evening, about the potential activation of the program.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the activation of the Air Fleet Program.

If requested under the voluntary program, commercial airlines will fly evacuees from areas outside Afghanistan to another country or from Dulles International Airport in Virginia to US military bases.

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