What state in America – number one in obesity?

Какой штат в Америке - номер один по ожирению?

Non-profit organization ConsumerProtect made a new ranking of U.S. States in terms of obesity and the impact of this problem on health and welfare of the residents.

State number one with the highest prevalence of obesity in West Virginia. Here 38.1% of adults are not just overweight, but one of the forms of obesity. In the same state recorded the highest rate of diabetes in the country, the region is often occupied high positions on other health indicators, which often accompany obesity.

Mississippi ranks second – 37,3% of the population with obesity. Here is the low life expectancy and a large number of sedentary people.

Least Americans with obesity living in Colorado less than 23%. The proximity to the beautiful streets, the habit of foot movement and better eating habits for Colorado residents give the lowest BMI in the country, say the authors of the analysis. Hawaii, the state with the highest life expectancy in the country has the third lowest level of obesity in America.

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