What will happen to the body if you do not drink alcohol

People who drink alcohol almost every day, you can notice improvement in a week after refusing a drink.

Что станет с телом, если не пить алкоголь

The German doctors told how affects the body’s rejection of alcohol. They noted that people who drink rarely and in small quantities, most likely, will not feel much of a difference if you stop drinking altogether. But he who passes the Cup five or more times a week, or seriously abusing alcohol, notice changes in your body, a week after the complete rejection of alcohol.

Shortly after the rejection of alcohol will gradually improve sleep and increase health and liver will start to recover. As noted by the doctors during the first few weeks it is important to understand that no alcohol can be fun and good to live. Those who realize it, usually never return to the pernicious habit. Experts advise more to communicate with loved ones, to come up with some “anti-alcohol” fun, to go camping, to learn something new.

After about a month the pressure will drop a few points. Improve the ability to perceive information, attention, mood will be more even and your endurance will increase.

There is still a very nice bonus in a month will improve the condition of the skin, and a year later metabolism returns to normal, the liver recovers and the excess weight will quietly go away by itself.

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