WhatsApp comes to tablets with multi-device mode

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WhatsApp comes to tablets with multi-device mode

The messaging app WhatsApp final details before the final launch of the new function known as multi-device 2.0, which will allow link new equipment to a cell phone and that for the first time will mean the arrival of a specific app to carry the messages to tablets.

The specialized site WABetaInfo, who is usually in charge of filtering the improvements that will come to the messaging service, advanced the latest news that WhatsApp is working on as part of its new 2.0 multi-device mode, with which users will be able to link Android tablets and iPad.

This function, still under development, allows for the first time the operation of the messaging app on tablets without using your WhatsApp web version, but through an exclusive app for these devices.

WABetaInfo also acknowledged that the WhatsApp tablet application will work independently, and that users using the beta of the iOS mobile app will automatically receive the new version in the future.

The Facebook-owned messaging service launched early access to its new multi-device support feature in July, allowing use the same account on up to four different computers, of which only one can be a cell phone, but it will not be necessary to have the smartphone connected to the Internet when using it.

The version of WhatsApp on tablets will arrive as part of the multi-device function 2.0. Photo: Shutterstock

One of the main characteristics of the function is that it will be necessary to have a cell phone connection at the time of linking the devices, since in this way chats and account data can be transferred to other computers. Conversations remain end-to-end encrypted.

Among the maximum four devices included in the bracket, however, it is still possible to pair only one mobile phone. The company is working to incorporate a way to log out of linked mobiles.

Among the other functions, the multi-device support will allow you to perform voice and video calls between connected equipment, and it will only be possible to write or call users who have an updated version of WhatsApp.

So far, the function has only been distributed among users registered in the WhatsApp beta program, but it is possible to send and receive messages with users of the stable version of the messaging app.

Telegram took advantage

One of the best functions of the Telegram platform is the client on devices beyond its connectivity with the cell phone. And it is that the service of the brothers Pável and Nikolái Dúrov was conceived as an open source, and that allowed it to have versions for practically all devices.

WhatsApp comes to tablets with multi-device mode

Telegram has support for its iPad version.

For example, the Telegram client for PCs and Mac computers (Apple) has many configuration options to adapt both the theme (the colors) and other storage options and other characteristics that resemble the mobile version.

But the best thing about its versatility is the possibility of using it on Android and iOS tablets since 2019, and it is one of the best functions of the platform, since it is possible to start a conversation on one device and continue it on any other.