When consuming a sugar can be diabetes

Experts told which sugar upon consumption can trigger the development of diabetes. Different manufacturers use different marketing gimmicks to sell “pereslaschennye” products.

При употреблении какого сахара можно заболеть диабетом

On the labels of named component may have several dozen titles, among which is coconut sugar, cane, brown, palm and beet. In some cases, there are glucose syrups, caramel mass, honey, turbinado and molasses. Experts note that there is a risk of developing diabetes due to high concentrations of crystalline fructose, it is extremely difficult to be processed by the liver. According to studies, the presence of the substance may lead to undesirable consequences, including insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes

Any extra sugar is recommended to be consumed in minimal quantities. There is no need to exclude from the diet of this component is of natural origin, contained in vegetables, dairy products and fruits. They are also very good for the body nutrients a variety of nutrients and fiber.

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